Halopesa: Halopesa Charges (Tariffs) - Ada za Halopesa

Halopesa: Halopesa Charges (Tariffs) - Ada za Halopesa

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brings you the information about Halopesa New Transaction Tarriffs/Charges). Make sure that you read the whole guide because we have taken into account all information on New Halopesa Tariffs (Charges) for the best tips for you. HaloPesa is determined to make your life easier and simple by giving you control just at the tip of your fingerprints. HaloPesa allows its customers to send and receive money quickly and safely and in the comfort of their own home 24/7. HaloPesa has affordable prices for transactions, it’s a widespread network and it is easy and safe to use.

Halopesa Tariffs and charges applicable during transfer and withdrawal for Halopesa subscribers that includes the government levy.

How To Use Halopesa

You can now send and receive money in real-time, anytime, anywhere in Tanzania. HaloPesa enables you to securely and quickly send money to other Halotel customers but also the service of cashing out money whereby once you’ve deposited money on your HALOPESA account. You can follow the following procedure in order to Cash out. Dial *150*88# and select ‘1’ or ‘2’ depending on the service that you need.

How To Buy Airtime Through Halopesa

Access prepaid services from your account. Buy for yourself or buy to others in real-time. You can buy airtime quickly and conveniently using your HaloPesa account. Simply do the following:

Dial *150*88# And Select ‘3’ For Airtime And Bundles

And you will receive a message notifying you briefly successes to buy airtime to the amount of money you choose.

Bank Transactions

HaloPesa customers can now send money to the bank and withdraw money from the bank without the actual visit to the bank branch or ATM, it is very convenient and reliable. But also it gives you the control of your accounts in the comfort of your own home.

How to transfer money from HaloPesa account to Bank account:

Step 1: Dial *150*88#

Step 2: Select ‘6’ send money to Bank

Step 3: Select Bank:

  • NMB bank
  • CRDB bank
  • PBZ bank
  • FINCA bank
  • TPB bank
  • ACCESS bank
  • AMANA bank
  • UBA bank
  • AKIBA (ACB) bank
  • EXIM bank
  • BOA bank
  • SCB bank
  • BancABC bank
  • ABSA bank
  • MAENDELEO bank
  • MKOMBOZI bank
  • CBA bank
  • GT bank
  • STANBIC bank
  • CANARA bank
  • LETSHEGO bank
  • YETU bank
  • I&M bank
  • ARA DIGITAL bank

Step 4: Enter your Account number

Step 5: Enter Amount

Step 6: Enter PIN

Step 7: Confirm transaction

You will receive a message notifying you briefly successes to your Bank transaction to the amount of money you chose. You will receive a brief notification on successful transaction.

Pay Bills

Clearing your bills is made easy with HALOPESA

Pay and clear your bills with the ease and the convenience of HaloPesa, bills such as:


To pay bills via HaloPesa the following steps has to be followed:

Step 1: Dial *150*88#

Step 2: Select ‘4’ Pay bills

Step 3:

– Select 1 LUKU > Enter reference number > Enter Amount > Enter PIN > Confirm

– Select 2 Choose Business > Enter reference number > Enter Amount > Enter PIN > Confirm

– Select 3 Business Number > Enter Business Number > Enter Reference Mumber > Enter Amount > Enter PIN > Confirm

You will receive a message confirming your transaction successfully

Halopesa Visa On Mobile

Visa on mobile enables a customer to make payments using visa merchants spread throughout the country. A customer can either use a Visa Agent till number or Visa QR code. Visa on mobile is convenient and a secure way for merchant payment. it can be used as follows:

Step 1: Dial *150*88#

Step 2: Select ‘5’ Pay Merchant

Step 3: Select ‘2’ Pay with Visa


A new mobile savings and loans product with HaloYako, HaloPesa customers can open a savings account, make deposits and withdrawals and take a loan using their mobile phones. No visit to a branch is needed, you do everything on your own mobile phone.

The HaloYako savings account is connected to your HaloPesa wallet, so deposits, withdrawals and loan repayments are all made from/to the HaloPesa wallet.

International Remittance

HaloPesa International Remittance enables HaloPesa customers to receive money directly to HaloPesa wallet from different countries. All you need is a HaloPesa wallet and nothing more. HaloPesa enables the HaloPesa customers to send money


This service enables a customer to reverse a wrong transaction as soon as they realize the mistake. it is very easy you can now reverse a wrong transaction on your own by following the simple steps below. Feel free, Feel safe with HaloPesa self-service. Just follow the following steps:

Step 1: Dial *150*88#

Step 2: Select ‘3’ Self reversal

Step 3: Select ‘1’ Request

Mini Statement

HaloPesa enables you to access your transactional statement and balances of your HaloPesa account at any time you want. It is convenient and reliable, no need to visit a Halotel showrooms.

Halopesa official website is – https://halotel.co.tz/

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