Ajira Mpya Za Ualimu 7000 Primary Na Secondary 2022/23


Job Vacancies: Ajira Mpya Za Walimu 7000 Primary And Secondary 2022- New Teachers To Be Employed 2022

President Samia Suluhu said she was aware that the education sector had other needs, and that the government was determined to move gradually until it was all over.

“After building classrooms and installing ‘furniture’, the next step is to increase the employment of teachers. I will add about 6,000 or 7,000 teachers, we will add and distribute them to suit the construction of classrooms, ”promised President Samia.

In addition, Ajira Mpya Za Walimu in another step has promised that on his way to Dar es Salaam he will visit the school after being asked by one of the students with special needs who wanted to meet with the President, State House.

She has used the occasion to thank all those who wished her well on her birthday. Speaking earlier today on TBC, the President said that his key call for Tanzanians is to work hard as the country is not built by one person, but by each in his own place, (Ajira Mpya Za Walimu ).


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