Job Opportunity at Vodacom, Manager Cyber Strategy & Secure by Design

Job Opportunity at Vodacom, Manager Cyber Strategy & Secure by Design


Job Opportunity at Vodacom, Manager Cyber Strategy & Secure by Design

Cyber Strategy &Secure by Design 


To ensure Security is embedded in IT System and Network Infrastructure (Mobile and Fix) including the planning, designing, implementation and operational phases of the product lifecycle as well as all decommissioning requirements and lead tactical implementation of Cyber Security Strategy.

Key Accountabilities

  • Define, analyse and periodically review the cyber security strategy and roadmap based on the evolving threat landscape and ensure risks identified are mitigated
  • Creat execution strategies that focuses on embedding Cyber Security controls into existing Supply Chain system engineering practices and methodologies to enhance effectiveness.

  • Fulfil Key Customers obligations and Stakeholders’ expectations for Cyber Security by ensuring that all new projects or products are addressed through the Security and Privacy by Design & Assurance (SPDA) process.
  • Define, implement, and efficiently maintain Cyber Security Baselines controls and requirements across Vodacom Technology.
  • Ensure compliance with Legal and Regulatory requirements for Cyber Security across all Vodacom Technology areas.
  • Manage organization of cyber security Architects and work closely with Cyber security specialists/Officers (CSO) focused on defining intelligence led enabling solutions by tailoring security to business allocated portfolios.
  • Develop Cyber Security controls and requirements for IT Systems and Networks (mobile and fix) by ensuring close working relationships and collaboration between CSO, Cyber Prevent, Cyber Defense and the Cyber Security Architecture team.
  • Ensure adherence to Cyber Security controls for new and Existing systems.
  • Ensure cost efficiency in proposed recommendations of Cyber Security Solutions by working closely with the Cyber Demand team.
  • Recommend major upgrades where required and liaise with the Cyber Prevent and Defense teams when doing the upgrades especially if it affects the design/architecture of the system
  • Provide Cyber Security consultancy for Technology and business projects
  • Provide technical supervision and guidance to the CSO and Cyber Prevent team.
  • Provide CSO SME input to Cyber Security Policy requirements and procedures taking into consideration prevailing circumstances within each BU portfolio.
  • Support Cyber Security awareness programs and educational efforts by collaborating closely with Security awareness resources and factoring in the specific BU portfolio needs and requirements.
  • Assist first responders to Cyber Security-related incidents by providing input into a thorough post-event analysis workshop/s.
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting of architectural solutions, risk findings and propose remediation and mitigation options.


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