Job at Coca-Cola Kwanza, Central Region Knowledge & Insights March 2022

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Job at Coca-Cola Kwanza, Central Region Knowledge & Insights March 2022

Job at Coca-Cola Kwanza, Central Region Knowledge & Insights March 2022

Job Description

The role will contribute to CCBA vision by managing the Knowledge and Insights team at a country/regional level leading local analysis and researches, cross referencing multiple data sources to articulate quality actionable insights in order to support decision making for the Market and CCBA Strategic objectives.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide market insights and specialist knowledge to regions/country, channels and key functions to support business decision mak ing process.
  • Ensure accurate and timely availability of contracted syndicated reports (i.e., Nielsen).
  • Define research needs in each country.
  • Lead local analysis, studies and researches to support country decision making process.
  • Develop detailed analysis platform of customer data used for superior category interaction and category development to support Sales & Distribution.
  • Analytical work contribution to the development of the corporate and business strategy
  • Contribute to the design and implementation of key business performance management mechanisms
  • Responsible for market potential studies and provide customer, channel, category, pack, brand, competitor, and consumer speci fic information.
  • Implement insights into local market performances across all categories, global market best practices and future opportunitie s.
  • Analyze and have deep market knowledge in order to provide support in the developing short term, medium and long term pricing s trategies
  • Development of econometric modelling to formulate the short –, medium and long term pricing strategies

Skills, Experience & Education

The candidate should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics or related field; 3 – 5 years sales experience in a managerial role (Preferably with FMCG). The candidate should have commercial/ Industry awareness, Deep expertise in insight and knowledge management, strategic and highly business focused thinker, Influential with strong communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, updated on macro-economic trends (Customer economics, Category and competitor analysis), Problem solver, growth mindset, consumer & customer focus .

The deadline for submitting the application is 05 April 2022.


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