How To Apply for a Motorcycle License In Tanzania 2022

How To Apply for a Motorcycle License In Tanzania 2022

How To Apply for a Motorcycle License In Tanzania 2022


1.Identify the nearest tax office this is an nearby Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) branch in your area;

2.Go to the identified office and find out the requirements for successful registration of a motorcycle;

3.Organize all the required documents;

4.At the office obtain application form for registration, fill it accurately;

5.Attach copies of required documents on to the filled application form and submit it to the registration officer;

6.Make all necessary payments

7.When application is approved a motorcycle is registered and registration card is issued;

8.After registration when a license officer will examine and crosscheck documents to verify that:

  • the motorcycle is duly registered;
  • the particulars in the register relating to the motorcycle are correct;
  • the motorcycle was inspected and a copy of certificate from inspector was submitted together with application;
  • that the motorcycle conforms with the provisions of the Act; and
  • that all other provisions of the Act have been complied with.

9.The office shall then issue a license in the prescribed form;

Required Documents

1.Customs declaration (Tanzania Single Administrative Document (TANSAD) and release order)

2.Proof of payment of duties (Bank slips);

3.A copy of your TIN certificate.

4.Cancellation certificate or registration card (used vehicles)

5.Interpol letter (if the vehicle is imported from a SADC member country)

6.Tax invoice (if vehicle is purchased from local car dealer)

Office Locations & Contacts

Tanzania Revenue Authority

Lumumba Street,

P. O. Box 25216, Dar-es-Salaam

Telephone: 0800 110 016, 

+255 786 800 000, 

+255 713 800 333,

 +255 222 180 104


Also contact regional office of the authority in different areas for instance in

  • Dar es salaam, Tanzania Phone: +255 27 2502946
  • Arusha Phone: +255 23 240 2905
  • Coast Region Phone: +255 22 2771846
  • Kinondoni Phone: +255 22 2185545
  • Ilala Phone: +255 22 2861122
  • Temeke Phone: +255 28 2500906
  • Mwanza Phone: +255 27 2642200
  • Tanga Phone: +255 27 2753268
  • Kilimanjaro Phone: +255 26 260460
  • Tabora Phone: +255 25 2801089 among others

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