How to Check Azam TV Smart Card Number 2022

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How to Check Azam TV Smart Card Number 2022

This guide will show you a simple method on how to check Azam TV smart card number. Azam’s smart card number is a 12 digit numeric code and each decoder is paired with a particular one of the kind smart card number. The smart card is important for it is considered as an identification code. The subscriber will need the number in order to make package payments and report error to customer care. Here is how you can check Azam TV smart card number.

1. Turn off your Azam TV decoder.

2. Locate the smart card slot on your decoder.

3. Hold and gently pull out the card.

4. Check beneath the card, you will see the smart card number properly written on it under the bar code lines.

5. Copy down the Smart Card number for future use.

6. Insert the smart card back to its position. Check here for the correct way of inserting the smart card.

7. Power your decoder and verify if the smart card is properly inserted.

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