Job Vacancies at Kwimba District Council 2022

Job Vacancies at Kwimba District Council 2022

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Job Vacancies at Kwimba District Council 2022

Kwimba District Council is one of the eight districts of the Mwanza Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by the Magu District, to the east by Maswa District and Kishapu District, to the south by Shinyanga Rural District, and Misungwi District to the west. Headquarter of district is at Ngudu. International classification, the location of the District lies between latitude 20 45’ to 30 53’ south of the equator and longitude 330 0’ to 330 30’’ East of Greenwich. Administratively, the District has 5 divisions with 2 Constituencies namely; Kwimba and  Sumve Constituencies. Moreover, the District is further sub divided into 30 wards, 119  villages, 14 streets and 857 hamlets . According to the Nation Population and Housing Census of August 2012 the District had a population of 406,509of which 198,096were males and 208,413 were females. The district is estimated to have a population of 523,484in2021,of which 255,122are males and 268,362are females. The annual average Growth rate is 3.2%. The district had a total of 62,883 households of which 47,752 were in rural areas and 15,131 were in urban areas.

The Executive Director of the council is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill various vacant positions.  Read full details through the PDF Document attached below:


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