Job Vacancy at OpenMap Development Tanzania - Internship 2022

Job Vacancy at OpenMap Development Tanzania - Internship 2022


Job Vacancy at OpenMap Development Tanzania - Internship 2022

 OpenMap Development Tanzania is a Non-Governmental Organization operating across Tanzania with offices located in Mikocheni – Dar es Salaam. Since its establishment in 2017, OMDTZ has executed and promoted several community mapping projects, generated map awareness, actively pledged open datasets, and continued to build a network of enthusiastic mappers in Tanzania. OMDTZ heavily contributes to the OpenStreetMap platform, which is both a map and database of geographic data owned by contributors on OSM; anyone can view, create and use this information for free. We create open datasets and advocate for different innovative solutions for different cases such as disaster response for floods, waste management, etc. We are involved in the success of community mapping and open geospatial data in Tanzania. We have also conducted training to government entities i.e (President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government offices- PORALG), university institutions, etc on the use of open data–which included. To have a vibrant OpenStreetMap community in Tanzania, which is united, organised and growing to assist, and get involved in National and global development goals.

OMDTZ is looking for individuals to fill a new internship position. Ready to join them? Download the PDF Document attached below for full information:


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