Job Vacancy at Vodacom - Margin Assurance Business Analyst 2022

Job Vacancy at Vodacom - Margin Assurance Business Analyst 2022


Job Vacancy at Vodacom - Margin Assurance Business Analyst 2022

Margin Assurance Business Analyst 

Role purpose and Key accountabilities

Role purpose 

The key purpose of the Business Analyst is to ensure completeness and accuracy of the M-Pesa /GSM revenue stream.

In addition to checking on the integrity of systems in place, the position requires an inclination towards continuous improvements in M-Pesa/GSM revenue chain, proactive design and implementation of preventive controls and detecting anomalies.

Key accountabilities

Regularly review and ensure that M-Pesa/GSM published tariffs are implemented accurately on Vodacom systems

Perform quality assurance testing on key processes and systems in M-Pesa/GSM .

Monitor for, prevent from, identify and remedy for potential errors in M-Pesa/GSM

Perform regular reconciliation and (gap) analysis of M-Pesa/GSM revenue streams

Monitor bill payment/collection /Invoice through multiple checks and balances in the system.

Build predictive revenue leakage controls using machine-learning algorithms

Work with stakeholders throughout the organization to design, develop and implement best MA practices to minimize revenue leakage

Use Data Science techniques/tools to automate MA processes; Aggregate data from disparate sources used for MA analytics.

Core competencies, knowledge, experience and qualifications

Attention to Detail: Ability to focus on the lowest level of detail and assess the impact at the macro level

Strong analytical skills

Strong mix and combination of Technical/engineering skills as well as Financial skills

Degree in at least one of the following: IT, Accounting, Technology, Engineering

Strong data analysis skills e.g. on SQL, PL/SQL, ACL, Python

Knowledge of revenue assurance methodologies

Knowledge of Data Science Tools and Languages


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