TAMISEMI: Joining Instruction Form Five (5) 2022 / 23

TAMISEMI: Joining Instruction Form Five (5) 2022 / 23

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TAMISEMI: Joining Instruction Form Five (5) 2022 / 23

The TAMISEMI – President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) brings to the attention of CSEE cohort 2019 who have been selected Join from five that admission letters and joining instructions are now available from TAMISEMI  website. Use the following links to check your jining instruction 

  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Dodoma
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Arusha
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Kilimanjaro
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Tanga
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Morogoro
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Pwani
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Dar es Salaam
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Lindi
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Mtwara
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Ruvuma
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Iringa
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Mbeya
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Singida
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Tabora
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Rukwa
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Kigoma
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Shinyanga
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Kagera
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Mwanza
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Mara
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Manyara
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Njombe
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Katavi
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Simiyu
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Geita
  • Form five Joining Instructions 2022/2023 Songwe

President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government

The role of the Ministry is to coordinate and supervise regional development management and administration. Thus, the ministry coordinates rural and urban development management policy and strategies; coordinates Regional Secretariats activities and builds their capacity in institutional development strategies for integrated socioeconomic development and financial development of Local Government Authorities.

The Ministry also coordinates and supervises development planning and sectoral interventions on donor supported programmes at district and other locals levels; issues ministerial guidelines to Regional Secretariats and Local Government Authorities; and strengthen the channel of communication and information flow between the national and sub-national levels

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