14 Job Vacancies at Morogoro Municipal Council 2022


14 Job Vacancies at Morogoro Municipal Council 2022

Morogoro Municipal Council is one of the councils in Morogoro Region. It lies at the crossings of Longitudes 37.0 East of the Greenwich Meridian and Latitude 4.49 South of Equator. Other districts include Kilosa,Ifakara, Kilombero, Malinyi, Mvomero, Gairo, Ulanga and Morogoro Rural. The core functions of Morogoro Municipal Council are to provide Social Services to communities, to promote a safe and healthy environment, and have power to impose and collect revenues within its area of Jurisdiction. Morogoro Municipal Council’s current Vision is to have a community of people with highest standard of living with sustainable socio – economic development. Thus why, the Council Mission is” To offer unique socio- economic services to residents and beyond while creating trust by managing its resource base effectively for the benefits of the Council’s residents and beyond. According to Population and Housing Census of 2012, the population of the Municipality was 315,866 people of which 164,166 were women and 151,700 were men, the growth rate in the Municipality was 4.7% per annum. The Current population projection of Morogoro Municipality is 359,677.

The executive director of the council is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill 14 new vacancies. Read full details from the PDF Document below:


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