18 Job Vacancies at Shinyanga District Council 2022


18 Job Vacancies at Shinyanga District Council 2022

Job Vacancies at Shinyanga District Council. Shinyanga District Council is one of the six councils that make up the Shinyanga region. The council is located between latitudes 30.20 ‘and 30.95’ south of the equator and between latitude 320.30 and 330.30 east of the Greenwich Meridian, south of Lake Victoria.

To the east it is bordered by Kishapu District and Shinyanga Municipal Council, to the west by Kahama and Geita Districts, and to the north by Kwimba District and to the south by Nzega District. Shinyanga District Council was established January 1, 1984 under the provisions of Act 8 and 9 of the Local Government (District Authorities) 1982.

The District Council has an area of 4,212 square kilometers which is equivalent to 1.7% of the total area (72.9 kms2) covered by forest reserves. An area of 1,713.7 kms2 (40.6%) is used for agricultural activities, 2,096.8 kms2 (49.7%) for livestock and 210.6 kms2 (5%) for human settlements. The remaining area of 118 kms2 (2.8%) of land is for use for economic activities composed of rocks.

For administrative purposes, Shinyanga District Council has a common structure that has started at all levels – District, ward, village in accordance with the law. The district is divided into Divisions 3, 26 Wards, and 126 Villages.


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