Form Six JKT Selected students 2022 (PDF List)

National Service was established on July 10, 1963, due to the ideas of the late President Julius K. Nyerere, the "Father of the Nation," who once stated, "National Service is the demand made by the nation on the youth and the youth's response in carrying out their responsibility in building the nation." JKT 2022 will admit students in the sixth grade.

The JKT National Service selection list consists of Form Six students selected for JKT training at different JKT camps. The National Service typically releases six JKT selection lists after conducting a random selection exercise.

JKT SECOND SELECTION The Commander-in-Chief of the National Service (JKT), Brigadier General Rajabu Mabele, has instructed them to report to the camps all youths who were summoned to attend the JKT training for the year 2021 but have not yet reported.

In addition, the Army for Nation Building has added the names of 2021 Form Six graduates to the list of invited youth. In 2021, JKT training will be limited to three months in accordance with the law. Graduates with physical disabilities report to the Mlandizi Coast Region's Ruvu JKT camp, which is equipped to serve the community.

The deadline for reporting is June 17, 2022.


The National Service was created by the National Service Act to unite Tanzania's youth for the following purpose:

  • Build a sense of nationalism through a collaborative effort.
  • Develop an understanding of culture and society.
  • Provide skills, promote economic autonomy, and decrease unemployment.
  • Train and develop the youth for national service and assist the government during natural disasters and calamities.
  • Construct and expand the economy of the nation.
  • Offer military training for the nation's defence.

OBJECTIVES (Objectives)

formation of youth Youth is instructed to love one another regardless of ideological, religious, ethnic, or socioeconomic differences. Enjoy making things. valuing and promoting the nation's traditions and customs, as well as preserving its culture. Citizens should be respectful, self-confident, devoted, and patriotic.

National Security To provide young people with military training as a reserve army and to prepare them to join other defence and security organisations. To prepare youth to assist in a variety of disasters, including floods, fires, and accidents.

Assets for Manufacturing To convince young Tanzanians that office work is not the best or only way to survive, it is necessary to dispel the notion that office work is the only viable alternative.

JKT is responsible for wealth creation with the objective of enabling young people to immediately become self-employed in a variety of industries after signing a contract with JKT. JKT generates the subsequent assets: constructing and enhancing structures Business and Agriculture Minerals and Energy Private Security Services for Protection Stores (Supermarket) in the Tourism Industry. Linking Automobiles to Equipment Assistance in Education