waliochaguliwa Sensa 2022 Geita Region

waliochaguliwa Sensa 2022 Geita Region


waliochaguliwa Sensa 2022 Geita Region

Majina ya waliochaguliwa Sensa 2022 Geita Region, Census 2022 Geita Region/Majina ajira za sensa 2022.  Preparations for the 2022 population and housing census began in 2018, including the allocation of census sites, the preparation of key census documents such as questionnaires, guidelines, quality control forms and conducting a pilot census.

Population and housing census is a process of collecting, analyzing, evaluating and publishing and disseminating demographic, economic and social data related to all persons and their settlements in a country for a specified period. In other words, the census is a special exercise aimed at finding the total population in a country, by age and gender, place of residence and status of education, employment status, birth status and mortality and housing status.

Geita Region was officially established by Government Proclamation No. 72 dated March 02, 2012, and launched on 08, November, 2013 by His Excellency Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Retired President of the United Republic of Tanzania. This region was part of the Mwanza, Kagera and Shinyanga Regions where the West and South are bordered by Kagera Region, the South and South East are bordered by the Shinyanga Region and Mwanza on the North is bordered by Lake Victoria.

The Region has five (5) Districts, Seven (7) Constituencies, Six (6) Councils, 1 Sub-Town, Division 23, 122 Wards, 474 Villages, 2,219 Suburbs and 65 Streets. The districts are Geita, Nyang ‟hwale, Chato , Bukombe and Mbogwe.

The region includes Geita Town Council, Geita District Council, Nyang’hwale, Chato, Bukombe and Mbogwe. The establishment of this Region has helped to accelerate the delivery of social, economic and development services to the people.

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