IoT Raptor and Commander Specialist Job at Vodacom Tanzania 2022

IoT Raptor and Commander Specialist Job at Vodacom Tanzania 2022


IoT Raptor and Commander Specialist Job at Vodacom Tanzania 2022

Role Purpose

The position of a Platform Specialist is a specialized role in IoT. You will be required to fulfil all requirements across the two solution components, Raptor and Commander. The main focus of this role is to convert solution designs into data intelligence and visualizations across the UI’s of the Technology Stack. 

The Platform Specialist is responsible for configuring the edge devices on Raptor Edge UI, passing the data/telemetry to the cloud and then verifying it. Once the data is in the cloud they can go about configuring and contextualizing the data to prepare it for visualization in Commander Portal and Dashboard. 

Requirements are electronic focused and not software focused for this role.

Key accountabilities and decision ownership 

•Work with the Core Software Development, Professional Services and Raptor teams in improving the platforms and software on Raptors (feature requests, testing, feedback, noticing bugs, etc).

•Develop Digital Twin templates of solutions (specifically for Vodacom NoT Full Raptor Base Stations, Mini Raptor Base Stations, Mobile Generators) – from setting up RegEx for message gateway paths, creating functions, configuring triggers for alerts or updating of sire information, designing views and blueprinting what needs to be exported for reporting.

•Quality Assurance of installs and the data coming through on the platform (double check site information, view layouts, blueprint links, deal with client queries, etc)

•Configure devices and messages on the Raptor Portal – specifically to lessen the load on the platform;

•Training on the Commander platform (Portal and Dashboard): Internal training as well as client training on how to use the dashboards designed for them

Core competencies, knowledge and experience

•Strong interpersonal skills with superior written and verbal communication skills

•Extremely detail oriented and customer focused.

•A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected

•Professional approach to time, costs and deadlines

•Ability to multitask across different projects.

Must have technical / professional qualifications: 

•Bachelor's degree in Electronic engineering or electrical engineering fields

•3-5 years of solid experience electronic applications and interfaces

•Ability to learn and master new technologies with a technical and business aptitude

•Business and technical project experience with strong process analysis, design, systems thinking and documentation skills

•Excellent MS Office product knowledge


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