Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs In South Africa 2022

Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs In South Africa 2022


Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs In South Africa 2022

Information Technology is a growing sector in South Africa. The highest paying IT jobs in South Africa represent the most profitable jobs or professions in this sector of the industry that is set to grow exponentially, and that is very crucial to the future economic development and growth of South Africa. South Africans are tech-savvy, and the country is already one of the major hubs of technology on the continent with a great concentration on banking, commerce, security, entertainment, and communication.

Since IT professionals work in a diverse range of work environments, you can inadvertently expect that they will also receive varying amounts as salaries, based on the profitability of the various industries they work in. We must also bear in mind that IT professionals working for the government in sensitive areas are not always at liberty to reveal their salaries or give details about their work.

While some of the jobs you will find in this list pay what we can call normal wages which are not unusual in South Africa, some others are extremely lucrative and stand among some of the highest paying jobs in the whole of South Africa.

1. Android Developers

Average Pay: R 4,380,000 Per Year.

Android Developers are surprisingly well-paid IT professionals. They command such high salaries because Android is the operating platform of most of the communication devices in the country, and so any marketing company, bank, a communications company and so on must meet the people on their android devices so as to market their products directly to the people.

Android Developers are so well paid that even entry-level positions pay as high as R 540 000 per year, which is even more than some established professionals on other jobs make per year. The most experienced Android Developers earn as high as R 9 120 000 per year, and the most talented among them have the greatest chance of creating their own franchises that will even employ other people as well.

2. IOS Developers

Average Pay: R 3 600 000 per year

IOS Developers are IT professionals who specialize in developing applications and software for IOS which is the operating platform of Apple devices; including phones, tablets, and computers. The interesting thing about IOS is that because the devices tend to be more expensive than Android; therefore, IOS software tends to be more high-end and targeted at people with more purchasing power.

Even in small offices, IOS developers have the potential to generate very high amounts of money with their work, and they are engaged in some of the highest-paying IT jobs in South Africa.

3. Software Engineers

Average Pay: R1.2 million

Software Engineers are the backbones of the ongoing digital transformation in South Africa. They design, create and maintain digital software for companies, startups, and organizations. In order to see how important software engineers are, just look at Microsoft Excel, Your Bank App, and Uber. These few examples show how important these professionals are because their work has made life a lot easier for everyone, and also because they have the potential to literally create billions of dollars through their work.

As companies continue to expand their operations and take their service digital, Software engineers will continue to be very much in demand not just in South Africa, but all over the world.

4. Game Developers

Average Pay: R 900,000 Per Year

Granted, there are not that many game developers in South Africa, however, there is absolutely no doubt that South Africa is a great place for Game Developers to work because the infrastructure on the ground makes the environment conducive, and the talent pool available in the major cities of South Africa ensures that there is no shortage of man-power.

Some of the game developing companies in South Africa are profitable enough to pay their talent up to R900,000 per year, and even some entry-level workers earn around R 510 000 per year.

6. .NET Developers

Average Pay: R 840,000 per year

.NET Developers are web developers who specialize in .NET websites. They work some of the highest paying it jobs in South Africa, and they work with a diverse collection of clients including private individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations. However, the difference between the top earners in this profession and those who are just climbing the professional ladder can be staggering.

7. IT Managers

Average Pay: R620,230 per year.

IT Managers are among the highest earners in the IT industry in South Africa. This is a well-deserved feat because IT managers are not just workers in the IT Industry; they are important pillars in the IT industry because the experience they have gathered over the years puts them ahead of all others in the industry. IT managers coordinate the IT work environment, and they manage the talent that works under them, supporting them with their experience, and guiding them to take on new frontiers. Furthermore, IT managers are part of the management teams of the organizations they work in; they help make management decisions and recommend IT workers for appointments and promotions.

There continues to be a high demand for IT managers in South Africa; they are some of the most highly sought-after professionals in the industry. It usually takes around ten years of experience to attain this position.

8. Data Management Consultant

Average Pay: R672,000 Per Year

Data is at the core of every business; it tells everything about what the company has done correctly so far, and what the company needs to improve so as to claim a greater market share. Data is therefore one of the key determinants of the company policy, without which no company can successfully operate.

Data Management Consultants are typically independent contractors brought in to help companies clean, analyze, and store data. As independent contractors, they control their own time and are at liberty to negotiate prices with companies before offering their services.


The highest paying IT jobs in South Africa depend a lot on the talent and experience of the workers because there is a great difference between the earnings of workers who are engaged in the same job. Aside from the earning potentials of the various professionals, we must also take the various industries where they work into consideration because no matter the quality of the talent, some companies just cannot meet elaborate wage demands.

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