Volunteer Enumerators Job Opportunities at Jambo For Development 2022

Volunteer Enumerators Job Opportunities at Jambo For Development 2022


Volunteer Enumerators Job Opportunities at Jambo For Development

Volunteer Enumerators Job Vacancies at Jambo For Development

Jambo For Development (JFD) works with schools, children, parents, institutions, and local and central government officials to further its mission to use innovative life skills games, creative sports, and games to empower children and youth in Kagera Region, Tanzania. Apart from efforts to improve education outcomes, JFD also aims to address gender equality and health issues by raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and the use of clean water, and good sanitation. 

JFD programs focus on improving existing infrastructure, training teachers, and organizing sports competitions for children. JFD’s innovative “Life Skills Games” concept offers children a unique ‘learning by doing’ experience and imparts a range of essential skills

that include interpersonal, decision making, critical thinking, self-management skills, increased awareness, and confidence. 

The teacher training component of the programme imparts teachers with knowledge and tools to help raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and transfer the knowledge to pupils to develop their social and physical skills.

Jambo For Development will conduct a baseline survey in two pilot districts of Kyerwa and Muleba, for its 2022/2027 vision which is already underway. In this regard, JFD is looking for “volunteer enumerators” who will be responsible for collecting, entering, and cleaning survey data.

The duties and responsibilities of the field enumerator are as follows:

Pre-Enumeration duties:

● Attend a two-day enumerators’ training workshop

● Review and give suggestions on the survey tools

● Receive enumeration materials from the JFD designated staff

● Conduct a pre-survey test at one of the schools

● Make any amendments to the surveys if applicable

● Work with JFD staff to develop an enumeration schedule

● Select sample schools to be surveyed

Enumeration duties:

● Conduct interviews with respondents

● Record responses as instructed

● Comply with the requirements necessary for conducting a successful interview

Volunteer Enumerators Job Vacancies at Jambo For Development

Post-Enumeration duties:

● Ensure that enumerator checking is complete

● Ensure that all questionnaires are accounted for

● Turn over all literature and materials used in the survey to JFD M&E personnel

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications and skills:

● A university degree in child related psychology

● Familiarity with the use handling children

● Highly organized individual, capable of handling multiple priorities, meeting deadlines, and managing time effectively

● Ability to work independently as well as an effective team player

● Outstanding communications, writing, and research skills

● Child friendly and knows how to make them comfortable to share their thoughts

Place of Work/Location : Kagera, Tanzania

Application Deadline : 24.07.2022

Languages Required: English & Kiswahili

Starting Date: 16.09. 2022

Please apply in English using your CV (including education, internships, working experiences and employment) and cover letter (as a motivational letter why you are interested in this position and Jambo For Development) as a single document. Also include actual and expected annual gross compensation for this position and references from former working experiences.

Please send your application to job@jambofordevelopment.org

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