maswali ya usaili wa sensa 2022

maswali ya usaili wa sensa 2022


maswali ya usaili wa sensa 2022

Maswali ya Usaili  Sensa | Census interview Questions 2022 In this Article your going to Get Maswali mbalimbali ya interview za ajira za sensa For those who Applied For census Job this post is Accuracy to them and for those who are ready kuhesabiwa We bring out List of information you will asked stay with us.

Census interview Questions 2022

The Question Expected to be asked in the interview for those who were selected for Census jobs we advise to pass through Maswali ya usaili ajira za sensa 2022.

  1. Demographic information (age, gender, relationship, marital status, citizenship, n.k.);
  2. Questions about disability;
  3. Education Information;
  4. Mobility questions, as well as information on Tanzanians living abroad
  5. Questions about ownership of national documents (NIDA IDs, Zanzibari resident, birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license)
  6. Economic activities
  7. Land tenure and ICT information
  8. Maternity and Mortality Reports that occurred within the household
  9. Maternal mortality
  10. State of housing and ownership of various resources
  11. Agricultural and livestock issues
  12. Social security funds.

Ratiba ya Zoezi la Sensa 2022

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