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Our Tesco Colleague Login 2022

OurTesco website is also known as the Our Tesco Colleague login portal, Tesco Employee Login page, and Our Tesco Work and Pay Portal. It is the portal that enables Tesco to meet the information requirements of its colleagues. As a matter of fact, through this website Tesco Plc. ensures that those who complete our Tesco login have their rightful access to the Tesco Colleague account.

However, providing access to the Tesco Colleague account is one of the objectives behind the development of this portal. Other functions of the website include providing Tesco Colleague help for issues related to Tesco employee login such as password reset, payslip download, etc.

Tesco Plc. is a British retailer founded by Jack Cohen in 1919, as a market stall in Hackney, London, England, UK. Although Tesco UK is a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, it is headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, UK.

During the early 1990s, Tesco became a multinational retailer with its expansion across 11 other countries in the world. As of 2021, the retailer operated in more than 4,673 locations. The products of the company include books, clothing, electronics, furniture, petrol, and many more.

Further, Jack’s, One Shop, F&F, Booker, etc. are some of the brands owned by Tesco Plc. The UK. As one of the largest retailers, the company is also responsible for the employment of more than 367, 321 Tesco Colleagues.

Our Tesco Login Required Credentials

In case, you don’t have any idea about the credentials or details required for personal OurTesco payslip login then, make sure to read the forthcoming points. As a matter of fact, in this section, you will be able to check out each and every login credential required for Our Tesco Work and Pay login.

Below are the credentials that will be mandatory if you want to log in successfully at the Tesco colleague login portal. Furthermore, these credentials are unique to each and every employee, so you cannot log in to your account with the login credentials or other colleagues.

NOTE: It is important that the individual has a computer or a laptop with a stable or high-speed internet connection.

Tesco Colleagues Login Online Instructions

If you are looking for Tesco Colleague Help for completing Ourtesco/colleague login then you have found it. Well, then let us get down to business which in this case is getting detailed and accurate information about Our Tesco Colleague login. The company has introduced certain guidelines for Tesco’s Colleague Login which cannot be ignored.

According to these guidelines only those who have the correct login username, and password should be granted access to their account once they log in by following the process mentioned below.

STEP 1. Visit the Tesco Employee portal at https://www.tesco.com/.

STEP 2. The Tesco Sign In page should be displayed on your screen.

STEP 3. Now, first, enter your Username.

STEP 4. Now click on the continue.

STEP 5. Next, enter your password and then click on Sign in.

Our Tesco Portal

Visit Here

Ourtesco/colleague login

Visit Here

Tesco Website

https://www.tesco.com/ or https://partnerstoolkit.tesco.com/

How To Access Tesco Work and Pay Portal?

“How to access TESCO Work and Pay?” is a frequently asked question on the internet. Tesco colleagues who are having difficulty completing Our Tesco

work and pay login will find this particular section quite helpful.

Tesco Work and pay portal can be accessed by the Tesco Supervisor and support teams. So if you want to log in to the portal then use the employee login page to access your payment details.

In this section, instructions have been provided to assist every concerned individual in successfully logging in to their account at the Tesco employee login portal. Hence, you should go through the instructions or just follow them for Our Tesco payslips login.

STEP 1. Visit the OurTesco Work and Pay portal at www.ourtesco.com.

STEP 2. The Tesco Login page should be displayed if you clicked on the link above.

STEP 3. On this page, you need to enter your Username.

STEP 4. Click on the Continue option.

STEP 5. Then on the next page enter your Password.

STEP 6. Finally, click on the Sign In or Login option.

STEP 7. The portal that grants you access provided your login credentials are found to be authentic.

Our Tesco Work and Pay Login

Visit Here

Our Tesco Colleague Portal


Our Tesco Payslips Online at www.payslipview.com

Tesco colleagues get their salary on time and can check the Our Tesco payslip online from the Tesco payslips portal that is www.payslipview.com.

Payslipview.com is the portal that is developed especially for the payslip and work pay-related details. If you want to check your online payslip then visit the Payslipview portal. Here are the steps to access the Tesco Payslipview portal.

Step 1. Visit the Our Tesco payslips portal that is www.payslipview.com

Step 2. On the payslip page, enter your employee number.

Step 3. Next click on the continue option.

Step 4. On the next page enter your activation code, date of birth, and captcha code.

Step 5. Next click on continue.

Step 6. On the next page enter your login password and click on login.

Step 7. Now you are at your Tesco dashboard. Here you can check your payslip and other pay-related details.

Our Tesco Payslips

Check Here

Payslipview Portal


Tesco Employee Portal Benefits

Here you have the opportunity to learn about the Tesco Colleague room sign-in benefits. And if you are not sure what you should read then let me brief you. By knowing these benefits you will not only have additional information but also learn about the features. And finally, making use of such features for your benefit will be easier for you.

Therefore, if these benefits make you curious then without tasting much of your time do read the following points enlisted below.

  • Tesco Colleague Login portal is an online platform, which enables employees to visit anytime.
  • It is restricted for those who are not Tesco Colleagues, thus maintaining security and privacy.
  • Tesco Colleagues can visit the website to reset the Tesco Employee Login forgotten password.
  • New Account registration can also be completed at Our Tesco Login page.
  • You can plan and book holidays through the Tesco portal.
  • View your latest and previous payslips.
  • You can access Electronic timesheets from your mobile phones.

Tesco Colleague Help Phone Number

Tesco colleagues who need help with the problem they have encountered should contact the Tesco Colleague help desk, which you may already know.

However, if you are still unable to get in touch with the help desk because you don’t have their contact details then why don’t you take a look at the following contact details.

  1. Tesco HR Contact Number:  0800 323 4060 OR 0330 123 4060.
  2. Contact Number: 0371-384-2976 OR 0371-384-2255.

Our Tesco Employee Benefits

If you are interested in learning about the Tesco company perks and benefits it offers to each and every Tesco employee then you should definitely read the following list of employee benefits.

  • Tesco Colleague discount card offers for car, pet, F&F purchases, and more.
  • Assistance program to help colleagues deal with life’s challenges.
  • Financial wellness through experts partnered with Tesco Plc.
  • Flexible work cycle and empowering working environment.
  • Medical, Healthcare, dental insurance coverage.
  • Entitled yearly paid vacation, paid sick leave, maternity leave, and paternity leave.
  • Tesco Colleague benefits for the first month and after three months.


Steps for Our Tesco Login?

The Our Tesco website is the platform where Tesco global login can be done. So, regardless of your location, you can visit the Ourtesco/colleague login page to sign in. All you need to do is to make sure that;

  • You visit the Our Tesco portal at www.ourtesco.com.
  • Once the login page appears enter your Username.
  • Click on the Continue option.
  • Then enter your Password.
  • Tap on the Login or Sign In option.
  • Finally, your OurTesco Login will be complete.

How to download Tesco Colleague Payslip online?

Tesco Colleagues can download their personal Tesco payslip exclusively from the Tesco employee login portal, and only after they have logged in to their account. So, in a nutshell, to download Tesco payslip you need to:

  • Go to the Tesco Colleague Login page.
  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Click on the Sign In option.
  • Then the next step is to tap on the Payroll or Payslip option.
  • Select week/month and year.
  • Press on View Details or View Payslip.
  • At last, click Download.

How to reset Tesco Employee Login Password?

In order to reset your login password not only do you need to follow a set of instructions but you also need to provide your email address. Know the entire process by going through the following steps.

  • Visit Tesco Login Page.
  • On the homepage click on them, I’ve forgotten my password option.
  • Then on the next page enter your Email Address.
  • And click on Send Reset Link.
  • When you receive the link click on it to get the rest of the instructions.

Tesco Work and Pay App Download

If you are looking for instructions that can help you download Our Tesco colleague app then the following should be of some assistance. So, to download the official Our Tesco Work and Pay app:

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Search for Our Tesco Colleague App.
  • Click on the Install option once you find it.
  • Open the app.
  • Login using your Username and Password.

Tesco employees can access the colleague room by visiting the official link of the Tesco colleague room login is www.ourtesco.com/colleague.

Once you visit the home page then enter your username and click on the continue to access the Colleague room dashboard.


I hope that the information covered in this entire article is able to answer their question related to Tesco, my account and employee login. Furthermore, the contents of this article should meet up the requirement for Tesco Colleague help issues and other relevant concerns. However, if you would like to get more material then comment below.

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