4 Drivers Job vacancies at Kyerwa district Council 2022


4 Drivers Job vacancies at Kyerwa district Council 2022

driver jobs in tanzania 2022 , Drivers Job opportunities at Kyerwa district Council. Kyerwa district is one of eight districts comprising the Kagera region. It is situated between 2º15’ and 30.15’ South of the equator and between 31º00- 32º00 east of Standard Meridian. Kyerwa District is one of the eight Districts of Kagera Region and covers an area of 3,086 Km².

The District borders the Republic of Uganda in the North, the Republic of Rwanda in the West. The Kagera River forms the boundary between Kyerwa and the Republic of Rwanda and Uganda. The District of Ngara borders the District in the South while Karagwe District borders in the East. The distance from Kyerwa District HQ to Dar es Salaam is about 1880 kms and to the Regional Headquarter (Bukoba) is about 195 kms.

Kyerwa is divided into 4 Divisions, 18 Wards, 99 Villages, and 674 Hamlets (Vitongoji). According to 2012 Population and Housing census, Kyerwa district had a population of 321,026 people of which 163,828 are female and 157,198 are male with average household size of 4.8,sex ratio is 96. Due to an annual growth rate of 3.2% by December, 2015 the district is estimated to have 366,922 people.

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