41 Job Opportunities at Liwale District Council 2022


41 Job Opportunities at Liwale District Council 2022

41 Job Vacancies at Liwale District Council. Liwale is one of the six districts of the Lindi Region of Tanzania. It is the largest district in Lindi and one of the largest districts in Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by the Pwani Region, to the east by the Kilwa District, to the south by the Ruangwa District and to the west by the Morogoro Region. Most of Liwale district is within the Nyerere National Park.

According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Liwale District was 75,546.

Liwale District was officially established on July 7, 1975 after being separated from Nachingwea due to the size of Nachingwea District. Before that, Liwale District was a Division of Nachingwea District from 1961. Also in 1975, the District became an official Constituency where the first Member of Parliament was the late Prime Minister Rashid Mfaume Kawawa.

After being separated from Nachingwea, Liwale District has been one of the six councils that make up the Lindi region; this includes the District Councils of Kilwa, Lindi, Ruangwa, Nachingwea and Lindi Municipality.

Liwale District was a Council when it arrived in 1984. Then it became a Local Government Authority which had full powers as stipulated in the Act establishing such Authorities in 1982.

Liwale District is bordered by Nachingwea Districts to the south, Ruangwa District to the southeast, Kilwa District to the east; Rufiji District in the north, Mahenge District in the north-west and Tunduru District in the south-west

41 Job Vacancies at Liwale District Council – August 2022

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The Executive Director of the Liwale District Council in collaboration with the Non-Governmental Organization known as Medecins Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) from SWITZERLAND dealing with the provision of Mother and Child Care, announces the work of a three (3) year contract for staff , please read the full details on the PDF file below :-


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