Bypass Google FRP Samsung On7 SM-G6100 (very Easily) 2022

Bypass Google FRP Samsung On7 SM-G6100 (very Easily) 2022

Hello friends welcome today we will share with you how to Bypass Google FRP Samsung On7 SM-G6100, This method help you to Bypass Frp Samsung On7, After the hard reset if your device asked your previously synced Gmail account to access your device home screen again, then you need to Bypass Google FRP Samsung On7 SM-G6100 to use your device again.

so we are sharing the latest method to Bypass Frp Samsung On7 G6100, if you face frp (factory reset protection) on your device then you are on the right place to Bypass Frp Samsung On7 easily.  to follow this process you need a working wifi connection and download some tools and a working valid sim card to successfully bypass Google account.

Just follow the below tutorial here fully to Bypass Frp Samsung On7 SM-G6100. Once you have successfully Bypass Google FRP Samsung On7 SM-G6100.

Before we follow this procedure

Warning: Below the procedure we share on the below is only for device owners.

Note: This method is only for Samsung On7 SM-G6100 here, (Android-6.0.1), we do not recommend you to follow this procedure to any other Samsung models. If you face some problem regarding this method please comment below.

Tools that you need to successfully Bypass Frp Samsung On7 on your device.

In the last Samsung Security patch updates, Samsung has tried to fix all the old bypassing processes that help us to bypass our device. Samsung fixed all the old methods like Bluetooth and Calculator methods.

so we are trying harder then we found a solution to Bypass Google FRP Samsung On7 devices. so we thought that to share with you the latest method here. So follow this method step by step.

Download FRP Files for Samsung On7 SM-G6100

-You need to download the Samsung FRP tool (2018) from below.

-Download the “Quick Shortcut Maker.apk and Google Account 6.apk from below.

-Visit here to download the FRP files from below the download link.

Bypass FRP Samsung G6100

Let's Start to Bypass Google FRP Samsung On7

-First, tap on the “Next” from the “Welcome” screen.

-Then connect your device to the “Wifi” network.

-After that, tap on “next->agree->next-> then there your device will be stuck on the Google Account verification screen.

-Then download the “FRP Tool”.

-Extract the “Downloaded FRP Tool” to your PC.

-After that, open the “FRP Tool” on your PC.

-Then connect your device to PC.

-Now tap on the “Scan” from the “Comport” box.

-Then select your device driver from the “Comport” box.

-Now Type your Mobile number on the “calling Command” box.

-After that, click on the “Call Now”.

-Wait some time and check your phone there you will see the calling screen from there.

-Then cut the phone call. then there you will see “massage” icon.

-Click on the “massage” icon and then the message box will open.

-After that, type on the massage box “www.google.com” and send the message.

-Now on your device check your message color turns into blue. That means that message turns into a link.

-Okay just tap on that blue link.

Congratulations, now you can easily access the Samsung Browser that helps us to Bypass Google FRP Samsung On7.

Open the Samsung Browser

-Then that will lead you into a secure browser.

-Then type on the search box “Samsung Apps Store”.

-Open the Samsung Apps official website from there.

-Then go down and then click on the “Galaxy Apps Store”.

-After that, “Galaxy Apps” will open.

-Then on the Samsung Apps Store – tap on the “Search Button”.

Bypass Frp Samsung On7 SM-G6100

-Search “Samsung Internet Browser” from there.

-Then download “Samsung Internet Browser”, once the download finishes click on the “open” from there.

-After that, the Samsung Internet Browser will open.

-Then on the browser search box, type “bypass FRP files Gadgets”

-Then open the first search result that will lead you to the “gadgetsdr.com”.

-After that,  download from there “Quick Shortcut Maker.apk” and “Google Account Maker6.apk”.

-Then click on the “bookmarks”.

-Now click “Download History”.

-Then there you will see a list of all the downloaded apps.

-Congrats, Now follow the Latest process to Successfully Bypass Google Frp Samsung On7 easily.

Now Install FRP Applications to Unlock FRP

-After that, click on the “Google Account Manager 6.apk” from that list.

-Then, a security popup will open. just click settings from there and enable the unknown sources from that list.

-After that, go back to the “Google Account Manager 6” installation screen by tapping install-next-next-done.

-Then install the “Quick Shortcut maker.apk” from there by tapping install -next-next – Open.

-Once the Quick shortcut maker opens.

-then click on the “Input keyword to filter” and type there “Google Account Manager”.

-Once the search result will come, then click on the “Google Account Manager”.

-Then tap on the fifth “Google Account Manager” result.

-Then a new tab will open.

-After that, tap on the “3” dots from the top right corner of your device screen.

-Then click on the “Browser Sign In”.

-Then sign in with your valid Gmail ID.

-Once the sign in finish,

-You will go back to the “Quick Shortcut Maker” again.

-Then restart your device again.

-Then set up your device.

-Once setup finishes you will access your device's home screen again.

-Then you can “Factory Reset” your device.

-Done, Now you have successfully Bypass Frp Samsung On7.

Thanks for visiting us, Comment below if you face any problem With Bypass Google FRP Samsung On7 SM-G6100 | Bypass Frp Samsung On7, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. You can check some other tutorials here to help you.