Bypass ICloud MEID IOS 14.8.1/ 14.7.1/ 14.2.1 F3arRa1n Free Tool 2022


F3arRa1n Free Tool :Bypass ICloud MEID IOS 14.3/ 14.2.2/ 14.5.1 & 14.7/14.8 F3arRa1n V 4.4.4: F3arRa1n 2022 is a new modification of the setup to circumvent the working in progress process of v. This is F3arRa1n, a workaround from for iOS 12 to 14.8.1 on devices compatible with Checkra1n.

Bypass ICloud MEID IOS

It is compatible with Windows + Mac, but some specifications are necessary: PC or Mac-Restored iPhone-It is safer to do it this way and not mix it with another tool-Wifi Network Connection-Python 3.7 Installed-tcprelay All the steps are in the video, in Spanish or in English.

Checkra1n IOS 15, 15.4 JailBreak available Coming Soon

F3arRa1n 14.5.1 & 14.7 to 12.0 IOS Icloud Bypass Unthernet

Name: F3arRa1n V 4.4 by officialroms

Size: 30MB, 21MB, 29.6MB

OS Support: Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Window || Mac OS || Linux

Name: F3arRa1n V 3.5.2 by officialroms

Size: 30MB, 21MB, 29.6MB

OS Support: Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Download Link Here

Important: If You Are Using Windows OS  You can Install iTunes,3utool to Check Your Version, Install Python, Putty & Net framework. Visit Here To Download

How to Use F3arRa1n Latest IOS 14.2 to 14.8.1:

Fresh new flash, then iPhone/iPad iOS 14.8.1/14.2.2/ jailbreak

Download the tools and plug-ins to the desktop and unzip them. First, mount the plug-in Dokan.

Unzip the folder to the root directory of the C drive after the installation is complete, and the renamed folder is “F3ar” and double-click to open F3arRa1n-Start.cmdd-Start.

The tool will show the serial number of the iPhone/iPad, indicating that the connection is successful, and unplug and plug the data cable.

Select Hello (Free) in the tool interface to bypass iCloud Activation Lock free of charge, check Use SIMless, and then click Activator to start activation.

Wait patiently for 2 minutes until the interface appears and prompts are triggered, signalling that the unlocking is complete!

Set the national WiFi language of the phone to reach the desktop, Well, now it’s bypassed successfully, and it can be perfectly restarted!

First Jailbreak iOS 14 To iOS 14.3 Here Using MAC OS, Linux OS

Note: Before unlocking, select Use SIMless. There is no need to insert a SIM card after the activation is complete. The downside is that more fuel than normal is used. If this is not tested, a SIM card with a PIN code lock must be installed after successful activation of iCloud Bypass iOS 14.3, and the card is prevented from being removed. The profit is that energy is not absorbed by it.

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