How To Improve Your Google Organic Ranking 2022


How To Improve Your Google Organic Ranking 2022

Earning a high-quality backlink is very important if you are into the blogging world.

Since it will pave a smooth path for you that will increase traffic on your website, but what is the most important thing as I said is the high-quality backlink.

Because the more quality backlink you will earn the more it will increase credibility of your blog.

Hence what is more important here is you need to look for the blogs which are performing well in the market.

Because you will get an idea how to write effectively without making any mistakes.

So, the best way to get a back-link is to mention top blogs in your article or blogpost.

Down the line we have mentioned more catches pertaining to the topic so that you will get a clear and concise idea.

Ways To Get a High-Quality Backlink for Your Blog and Website

  1. Check Your Competitors

Checking on your competitors and what they are writing is one of the most sought-after things if you are writing a blog.

Since it will give you an enormous number of ideas on how to write an effective blog.

Why is it important because you will come to know which keywords they are writing, how they have written the content and more.

2. Images and FAQ are Very Important:

Add words to your content in a beautiful way like writing missing points, images, links.

Moreover, write FAQ Schema and how to in your articles.

3. Mention Top Blogs in Your Article

You need to mention top blogs in your article in a beautiful way that the audience loves.

Ask for a back-link to the blog by pointing an article to them.

When you mention them in your article, ask for a favor beautifully.

4. Do Quality Guest Post on Top Sites

There are some Guest posting sites which will give you a quality back-link if you write for them.

So, look for top Guest post sites whenever you think of other brands.

5. Check Any Broken links on Your Site

Broken links will always hamper your brand hence always check for broken links on your sites.

There are several tools to check broken links like Check my Links and Broken link checker.

6. Don’t Link to a Non-Brand

Be careful while writing for other brands and make sure that you are not linking to those in your articles which are not a brand.

If you are selling products of a person a brand you will definitely get a back-link

7. Attach Yourself to a Brand

If you become a member of a brand, it will automatically generate a quality backlink for you.

8. Build Listicle Link by reaching a Blogger or a Journalist

You can also build a listicle link by reaching the top bloggers or mentioning top journalists in your articles.

9. Search for the Loopholes

How you will search for loopholes is by performing gap analysis.

Meaning to say that why others are linking to another brand and not you.

Hence spy on other brands and know the reasons why they are successful and not you.

10. Create Best Internal Linking

Internal links are great building blocks in the creation of a backlink.

Hence choose the correct internal links in your article.

11. Share Your Content on social media

Be active on social media and share your content on social media platforms because this will generate a link for you.

Choose the top performing hashtags while sharing your post on social media.

12. Publish High-end Content

Write content which covers every aspect of the article hence publish original and well researched content.

High quality content will always give you a back link. Improve the quality of your content.

13. Write Long Form of Contents

Lengthy content always has an edge over short content provided that long form of content is written in a good manner.

The reason being if it is written in a good way it will cover every minute aspect of the article.

14. Check Grammar in Your Articles

Grammar plays a very important role in order to rank your content.

So, write in a way which eliminates all grammatical mistakes from your content.

15. Write Testimonial and Reviews for other Websites

Good reviews are always important, hence giving reviews about top performing websites and writing testimonials for a product.

You know doing this sometimes will generate a high-quality backlink for you.

16. Do Healthy Comments on Other Blogs

Healthy comments are always important in creating a quality backlink.

But while writing comments you need to ensure that you don’t criticize.

Instead write in a way that the writer takes it in a positive way.

17. Use Authentic Resources

Give credibility to authentic resources or take ideas from authentic resources because for the readers and for the search engines it is very important.

18. Write Evergreen Content

Write content which will never lose its essence among the audience.

Since it will have a high impact on your audience, they will mention your blog and share your blog on their platform.

19. Write on Recent Topics and Trending News

Nowadays people look for topics which are in trends hence look for trending topics.

You can take help of Google Trends since recent topics can generate a quality backlink for you.

20. Request for Brand Mentions

See in order to get your brand mentioned by other brands you need to build a good rapport and relationship.

So, make good relationships with your competitors.

21. Host Events, Seminar and Webinars

Interviews, seminars and webinars are very important tools for brand building.

So, you need to host events, attend seminars and webinars, this will definitely generate a quality backlink for you.

22. Spy on Your Competitors

As I mentioned in the introduction, if you want to write a successful blog you need to learn the art of spying.

Taking it in a positive way, spying in blogging means that you need to look for the keywords on which your competitors are ranking.

Choose top ranking keywords with low SEO difficulty hence this will rank your article on top of the SERP.

You can get the help of several keyword tools for this purpose like Mangools, Ubersuggest and

You can also use MOZ, SEO Minion and Similar Web to check on your competitors.

23. Take Help from the Google Search Console

Google search console will tell you for which keywords you are performing well.

Hence you can also take the help of Google Search Console and Google Analytics in order to rank top.

Because if you rank at the top this will lure other big brands to give you a high-quality backlink.

24. Participate in Forums

Participate in the forums and discussion panels since this will give an edge over others.

You can also mention your brand in the discussion might be the chance this will generate a high-quality backlink for you.

25. Write on Quora

Answer questions on Quora, performing this has the potential to generate a quality backlink for you.

26. Do Email Marketing

Email marketing is very important in link building since it will drop your content into the pool of audience.

You know performing this continually will generate and earn a high-quality backlink for you.

27. Update Old Content with New Ones

Regularly update your content once in 3 months and 6 months since it will give you an upper hand over competitors.

28. Credible Websites are Very Important

While giving an outbound link or external link makes sure that in some of the articles mention sites which have domain names ending with .edu,.gov and .org.

If they will give you a backlink this will be a quality backlink for you.

29. Title and Meta-descriptions are very Important

In order to rank high in SERP that will generate and earn a high-quality backlink.

Hence you need to write Title and meta-description in a way that the audience loves to read.

Q: -What is a high-quality backlink?

Ans: -A high quality back-link is a link to your website or a Blog that is highly reputed, credible, relevant and natural or you can say it which has a trusted source.

Q: -What would be the minimum back-links a website should acquire?

Ans: -The minimum back-link a website should acquire is anything in between 40=60 is good.

Q: -Can backlink hurt your website?

Ans: -Yes links that are generated from spammy and low authority can hurt your websites.

Q: -Are backlinks important for SEO?

Ans: -Yes high-quality backlinks are often important for SEO since it tells the search engines that other websites or blogs find the content as valuable thus it takes your content high in SERP.


I would like to mention certain things that are also very important in generating a quality backlink for you.

The word count of your content is very important hence writing lengthy content.

Use high quality images in your content since the readers and search engines love the content which is embedded with Images.

Title, Headlines and Meta description are also important tools in taking your article and blogpost higher in SERP hence be careful while writing it.

Why I said to you earlier those proper injunctions of the internal links is very important in taking your article higher in SERP.

Credible external links are a very important tool in earning you a quality back-link hence you need to stress that too.

Last but not least, ensure your website is fast, has minimal script and topics are written in the best way.

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