kazi mtaani latest news 2022

kazi mtaani latest news 2022

Kazi mtaani latest news today –  According to Charles Hinga Mwaura , I confirm that Ting Ting has started but due to the high volume approx. 210k of you, it will continue into the evening but you’ll all receive cash today. I once again thank you most sincerely for your service to country & peace ambassadors.

I also confirm that Kilifi’s issue has been sorted out and you’ll equally get paid today. I also note with a lot of sadness that about 14k of you have issues with your M-PESA details.

That’s a very large number representing more than Sh50m of money earned by well deserving individuals. I urge you to correct your details by visiting an M-PESA agent near you so we can pay you.

Please note we don’t discriminate against anyone. You are responsible for ensuring your details, name, ID & number match. If you don’t then I can’t pay because I can’t account for the same. Go to your nearest M-PESA agent with your ID and confirm details match if not fix it & we pay.

It will be a long night but I can confirm ting ting sound has been heard by some. Issue is this was by far the biggest cohort to be paid almost equals cohort 2&3 of phase 2 where we had 250k in total. So subira huvuta heri. When the exercise is done you’ll all get your Moolah.

I confirm part of the payment is for the corrected cohort 2 registers as per the report below unless you are one of the 1,295 who still have issues eg invalid mobile, not registered for M-PESA or details that don't match. Take personal responsibility to fix this so we pay you next time.

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