Pharmacist Salary In UK 2022 Per Hour Monthly Annual Salary


Pharmacist Salary In UK 2022 Per Hour Monthly Annual Salary

Pharmacist Salary In UK 2022 Per Hour Monthly Annual Pay: To know the Pharmacist pay scale in the United Kingdom you must have the salary statistics. Rather than the statistics, you should be aware of the different range of Pharmacist salaries in the UK.

Hence, you are going to need information related to the salary of a pharmacist in the UK. Therefore, in the following sections of this article, you can find out more about the salaries in the UK.

Now being a pharmacist in the United Kingdom means that you can find employment opportunities more often than not. Thanks to the never-fading high demand for skilled pharmacists in the UK.

Although there was a time when due to the oversupply the pharmacist’s employment rate was low. But in the present scenario, the demand has increased. In fact, as of  31 March 2019 the pharmacist vacancy rate was 8.1% in the United Kingdom.

Pharmacists in the UK can receive offers from private or public health organizations. To be specific pharmacists can work as Clinical, hospital, and community pharmacists in the United Kingdom.

Now, other than the duties of a pharmacist the major concern of our readers has to be regarding the salary. Thus, to ensure that you get the complete information below we have mentioned the details respectively.

Pharmacist Salary In United Kingdom 2022

As an integral part of the medical field, the profession of pharmacists is one of the best-paid jobs. So, as a pharmacist, you can get a handsome pay scale. However, the pay scale varies depending upon the qualities and qualifications of the pharmacist.

Therefore, your salary will be determined by your education, skills, and other qualities. In terms of qualities, your experience in this field can help you secure higher pay. The Pharmacist’s salary in the UK mostly depends upon experience.

Employers intend to employ pharmacists with at least some years of experience. However, it does not mean that entry-level pharmacists are unable to get employed. But entry-level pharmacists make less than their experienced counterparts.

Now based on such factors the pharmacist pay scale in the United Kingdom ranges accordingly.  Below you can check the pharmacist salary UK range. The following pay scale is the yearly salary of pharmacists in the UK.

  • Minimum Pharmacist Salary UK: £ 25,000.
  • Average Pharmacist PayScale UK: £ 41,737
  • Maximum Pharmacist Salary UK: £ 75,000.

Pharmacist Salary In UK By Region

Pharmacists in different regions of the United Kingdom have different pay scales. So you can say that job location also affects the salary of a pharmacist. Therefore, you need to be aware of the pay scale in your respective region.

According to our study in some regions, pharmacists have higher salaries. While pharmacists in other regions receive lower pay. Here you can check out the salary of a pharmacist in every region of the United Kingdom.

Hopefully, once you are aware of the differences in salary you can choose an ideal job location. So, without further ado, below in the table check out the salary of pharmacists in different regions of the UK.

RegionAverage Hourly PayAverage Monthly SalaryAverage Salary Per Year.
East Midlands£ 22.00.£ 3,336.£ 40, 032.
London£ 24.00.£ 3,707.£ 44,493.
East England£ 20.00.£ 2,999.£35,993.
North West£ 22.00.£ 3,478£41,747.
South East£ 24.00.£ 3,784£ 45,408.
North East£ 25.00.£ 3,833.£ 46,004.
West Midlands£ 22.00.£ 3,478.£ 41,737.
Yorkshire£ 27.00.£ 3,159£ 37912.
England£ 22.00£ 3,359.£ 40,314.

NOTE: The salary statistics mentioned in the table above concern the average salary range. Hence, in some cases, the salary range may vary accordingly.


You may have several questions concerning the salary of pharmacists in the United Kingdom. And you might also have queries that are related to this profession. Therefore, to be more helpful we have included some questions along with their answers.

So, below you can see a question with answers which can provide you with some valuable information.

Question 1. How much does an entry-level pharmacist earn in the UK?

ANS: For an entry-level pharmacist with little to no experience employers have low pay offers. So, in the beginning, an entry-level pharmacist in the UK earns roughly between £ 16,000 to £ 25,000 per year.  So, on average pharmacists can earn up to £ 2,500 per month and £ 13.00 per hour.

Question 2. How to Become a Pharmacist in the UK?

ANS: Similar to other professions you must first complete your education in the respective field of pharmacology or medicine. Below you can check out the requirement to become a pharmacist in the United Kingdom.

  • 4-year Masters’s Degree in Pharmacy ( MPharma).
  • Register with the General Pharmaceutical Council ( GPhC).


  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.
  • BTEC, HND, or HNC with science.
  • Relevant NVQ.
  • Science-based access course.
  • Equivalent Scottish or Irish qualification.

Finally, after getting your degree you must hen complete your pre-registration period of 1 year under supervision in a community or hospital pharmacy. After the completion of the period, you have to pass the registration exam.

Question 3. Which cities pay the highest Pharmacist Salary in the UK?.

ANS: Among several cities in the United Kingdom there are some cities where pharmacists have a high pay scale. So, below we have mentioned the list of top 5 cities in the UK that offers higher pharmacist salary in the UK compared to other cities.

  1. London:  £47,500.
  2. Swansea: £43,177.
  3. South Yorkshire: £38,400
  4. Leeds: £37,912.
  5. Manchester: £35, 165

Job Description

A pharmacist serves patients. Pharmacists are required to prepare medications for the patients. Although the duties of pharmacists revolve around medications it doesn’t get any easier.

Pharmacists must be able to provide pharmacological information and monitor the drug therapies of a patient. Furthermore, they also dispense medication, control medication, and detect therapeutic incompatibilities.

Pharmacists are in charge of every aspect related to medications. Hence, along with the knowledge of medications pharmacists require a certain skill set. Some of the beneficial skills are:

  • Should be able to analyze information.
  • Administering medication.
  • Good judgment ability.
  • Proper communication skills.
  • Health regulations abide individuals.
  • Knowledge of Pharmacology.

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