Red Lobster Navigator Login 2022 |


Red Lobster Navigator is available online at for Team Members, RSC Contractors, and Restaurant Managers, to access their employee only benefits.  The Red Lobster portal is a convenient way for employees to manage their payroll and benefit information.  This information is available and accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week via a home computer, smartphone, mobile device, or public computer.

Red Lobster Navigator Login 2022 |

How To Use

Accessing your employee payroll or benefit file via Red Lobster Navigator is a simple and easy process just like logging in to any other online website.  You will need to enter your login credentials (Red Lobster email and password).  This information should be provided to you by your Supervisor or HR Department.

Users that may lose their login info can utilize the Password Reset features on the site to recover their password or username.  This is the only form of logon troubleshooting available for users.  Any other problems you may experience with the site should be directed to your HR or IT departments.

Red Lobster Navigator Login – Features Inside

Once successfully logged in to your Red Lobster account employees have a variety of functions available to them to view and manage.  The online portal is like having your employee file on the internet for you to view and monitor.

Whenever you login your link is secure and you don’t have to worry about someone else seeing your information.  A good practice when logging in at home, in a public place, or via mobile devices is to make sure you fully log out when you’re done with your session.  The only way someone can see your sensitive information is if you forget to log out and your info is available for them to see.

Work Schedule/Payroll

Red Lobster employees can utilize the Navigator to check/review their work schedule and view their pay stub.  All of your timesheet info is available from past and present pay periods for you to see in Red Lobster payroll.  You can see the information for each day you worked on including the hours worked.  Any questions you may have about your schedule or hours can be addressed by simply logging in and viewing your file.

Benefit Information

Your Red Lobster employee benefits are also viewed from inside your online account.  You can view your 401k info and health/dental details as well.  Your health provider plan can be reviewed so you can see what you signed up for.  During Open Enrollment you can make your plan changes from inside your account.

Contact Info

Any changes you may have to your personal information such as name, address, email address, or phone number can be edited from the Red Lobster Navigator login.  You can make these changes yourself without the assistance of HR/Payroll.  There’s no paperwork needed.

Communication Tool

If you have questions for another employee, your Supervisor, or other management personnel there is a communication feature that will allow you to send them your questions from inside your account.  Your questions can be sent anytime of the day via the portal and you can expect a response back when they get your message.

These are just a few features available for employees inside  There are other features that are easy to use and very useful for managing your account.

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