Teacher Salary UK 2022 Average Hourly Monthly Salary Per Year

Teacher Salary UK 2022 Average Hourly Monthly Salary Per Year

Teachers’ pay in the United Kingdom falls under a wide salary range. Hence, you should check out the Teacher salary UK scale in the UK. And also be aware of the Teacher’s pay per hour, monthly salary, and yearly pay scale. Not to mention that you can also get some information on part-time teacher salaries in the UK.

The teaching profession by many is considered to be accompanied by responsibilities. But on the brighter side being a teacher has to be a satisfying job. Teachers around the world have one of the most important responsibilities is to educate young minds.

Hence, being a teacher can sometimes be tough but mostly fruitful. Like in every other country there are teachers across the UK. These teachers educate the students or rather the next generation of the country.

In return for their teaching services, teachers receive salaries from their respective employers. In comparison, teaching has a better pay scale than that of other professions in the United Kingdom.

But, the teacher pay scale in the UK varies even among the teachers of the same institute. So, to understand the difference in pay scale you need to check some of the following information.

Under each section, we have various details relevant to the teacher’s salary in the UK. Furthermore, we have mentioned the teacher salary scale UK 2022 data that can be useful. And you can also check out teacher’s salaries in UK hourly rate, monthly salary, per year pay, etc.

Teacher Salary UK (United Kingdom) 2022

If you have been doing your research then you should know that in the UK the salary of teachers varies. And you should also be aware of the factors that give way to such differences. Such a difference in the teacher’s pay in the UK occurs based on the employer and designation of a teacher. For instance, a permanent and senior teacher gets better pay than a part-time or inexperienced teacher.

Other factors can also affect the pay scale of a teacher in the UK. One of such factors would be the type of school one teaches. Teachers’ pay in the UK also depends upon the type of school i.e, state-maintained and independent.

Even though the teacher’s salary in the UK seems to have a huge pay difference. However, you need to be aware of the national average teachers’ pay scale in the UK. You can check such details here in this section.

We have mentioned the approximate figures for the average pay of a teacher in the entire UK. So, below you can check out the national average salary of a teacher in the United Kingdom.

  • Basic Teacher’s Pay UK Per Year: £24,373, to £30,480.
  • Average Teachers Salary UK: £30,300, to £50,000.
  • Maximum Teacher’s Pay Scale In UK: £50,000. to £90,000.

NOTE: For the record, the above-mentioned pay scale only represents the approximate pay. In other words, the teacher’s salary in the UK gives you a broad idea of how much you can earn as a teacher in the UK.

Teacher Salary UK By Region

The region or location of employment can also dictate the salary of a teacher in the United Kingdom. So to help you understand the impacts of the employment location we have updated this section with the latest data.

In this section, you can check the pay scale of a teacher in different regions of the United Kingdom. So, it can help you understand and be aware of the teacher’s pay scale in your respective regions.

But, the salary in various areas within the same region has recorded different salaries. So, the following figures are meant for providing the general teacher’s salary scale in each region. Therefore, your exact salary as a teacher in a specific region of the UK may fall under the respective salary range.

RegionAverage Per DayAverage Monthly SalaryAverage Salary Per Year.
East Midlands£ 112.£ 2,698.£32,376.
London£ 108.00.£ 2,595.£31,149.
East England£ 114.00.£ 2,750‬.£33,000.
North West£ 104.00.£ 2,496.£29,955.
South East£ 123.00.£ 2,968.£35,624.
North East£ 126.00.£ 3,004.£36,059..
West Midlands£ 104.00.£ 2,500‬.£30,000‬.
Yorkshire£ 110.00.£ 2,661.£31,933.
England£ 105.00.£ 2,540.£30,480.


Here we have got some questions related to the Teachers in the United Kingdom which might be useful. We have some of the basic questions or rather queries that concern many readers. So, if you have got some queries then you should at least check the following questions and their answers.

Question.1. How to become a teacher in the UK?

ANS: In the United Kingdom you must have the necessary qualifications to become a teacher. Well, to become a teacher in the UK you must have the following qualifications.

  • Minimum 2:2 graduation degree.
  • 120 days of practical classroom experience in two or more schools.
  • Post Graduate or Undergraduate Teacher training program certificate.
  • You can also join the Graduate Teacher Programme (GPT).

Question 2 What is the starting teacher’s pay in the UK?

ANS: Fresh or entry-level teachers in the United Kingdom can receive different salary packages. It all depends upon certain factors such as the qualification of the candidate, employer, location, etc.

However, as per the recent study and thorough research in the United Kingdom, the pay scale of a teacher falls between £24,373, to £30,480 per year. But, you may make more than the mentioned salary which of course depends upon your qualities and qualifications.

Question 3. Which cities have high Teacher salaries in the UK?

ANS: Below we have mentioned the teacher’s pay in the 5 largest cities in the United Kingdom. Even though these data can be reliable, it may not be the accurate pay scale of teachers in respective cities. So, variations may occur.

  • London: £30,000, to £32,000 per year.
  • Greater Manchester: £27,000, to £30,000 per year.
  • Swansea: £32,500, to £45,000 per year.
  • Leeds: £30,000, to £36,000 per year.
  • Sheffield: £31,600, to £48,900 per year.

Job Description

The teaching profession can be very challenging especially for inexperienced teachers fresh out of their courses. Considering the work hours, and responsibilities, it is one of the most demanding jobs. However, it can also be one of the most satisfying professions.

Some of the primary responsibilities of a teacher are to develop curriculum, lesson plans. And then present such plans to the students. You have to educate the students, and help them develop by tracking their progress.

As a teacher, one must possess certain skills and qualities that can help the students. Such a skill would be useful ;

  • Responsible, diligent, and honest.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A good learning mediator.
  • A leader, administrator.