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Welcome to AARP Medicare membership login guide! AARP partnered with United Healthcare Insurance Company provides supplemental insurance to seniors across the USA. AARP Medicare provides an online portal ( for its members to access information regarding their insurance plans. In this article we will guide you in simple steps on how to login to the AARP Medicare portal from computer or mobile devices.

AARP Medicare Members Computer Login Process

Sign in to your AARP Medicare Membership account with the below-mentioned four simple steps:

Go to

Enter your Username in the first field under the “Sign in” section.

AARP Medicare Members Computer Login

Enter your password in the second field under the “Sign in” section.

Click the “Sign in” button to complete the login process.

Note:  AARP Medicare has introduced the HealthSafe ID from April 19th, 2018. If you have that ID use it while logging in. If you do not have HealthSafe ID, then you can create you ID by following the steps provided below:

Visit the website.

Click on the “Register now” under the “New to this website?” section.

AARP Medicare Login

Enter your first name in the first field.

Enter your second name in the second field.

my aarp medicare login

Enter your date of birth.

Enter your zip code.

Enter your plan member ID. (Find the member ID on the front side of your member ID card).

Click “Continue” to register.

AARP Medicare Members Mobile Login Process

AARP Medicare does not have any dedicated mobile app for its members. However, Members can login from the browsers of their mobile devices from anywhere.

Following steps are for the members who wants to login via a mobile device:

Open the internet browser of your mobile device, and go to

Enter your user name in the first field.

Enter your password in the second field.

Tap “Sign in” to get to your account.

AARP Medicare Login Issues & Troubleshoots

Members may face various issues while logging into AARP Medicare membership portal.

If your password is not working:

Ensure that the caps lock key is off (passwords are case sensitive).

Ensure you are typing the correct password.

Password Reset Process

If you have lost or forgotten your password follow the below-mentioned steps to reset it:


Click on the “Forgot Password” link.

aarp medicare complete login

Enter your username on the next page.

AARP Medicare Members Login

Click “Continue” to reset your password.

This password reset process works only for HealthSafe IDs. To check whether.medicare.uhc.comer you have a HealthSafe ID or not, try to register for an account in , and you will find out.

Username Recovery Process:

If you have lost your username to access your AARP Medicare account, following steps will guide you to recover it:


Click the “Forgot Username” link.

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Member Sign In

Enter your first name in the first field.

Enter your second name in the second field.

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Login

Enter your date of birth in the next field.

Enter the registered email address associated with your account in the last field.

Click “Continue” to recover your username.

These steps only work for HealthSafe IDs. If you don’t have one, register your account under “New to this website?” section on

Hope this login guide is helpful to you in logging into the AARP Medicare member account and solving other related issues. If you face any further issues you can use the following resources and links mentioned below:

AARP Medicare Customer Service Phone Number: Find on the back of your health insurance card

United Healthcare: Contact Page

United Healthcare Phone Number: 1-877-699-5710

United Healthcare Mailing Address: United Healthcare Customer Service, PO Box 29675, Hot Springs, AR 71903-9802

United Healthcare Social Media Channels: Facebook | Twitter

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