Bank of America Credit Card Activation Login 2022 |

Bank of America Credit Card Activation Login 2022 |


The Bank of America Credit Cardholders can now activate their personal BOI credit card with Online Banking to manage the card account and take advantage of all the features and benefits of this free service conveniently 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With the Bank of America, Online Banking users will be able to access their online account securely anytime anywhere as they want and easily perform a number of account activity like transfer funds to a bank account, set up and receive customized alerts, view balance, switch to the paperless statement, pay bills online, and many more.

Enroll in Online Banking to Activate your BOI Card

Activation of the new Bank of India Credit Card using Online Banking is the quickest way of completing the process. To use the service the card members must have their Online Banking ID and Passcode. So, if you are not currently enrolled in Online Banking and don’t use the service, you need to enroll now to activate your BOI personal Credit Card. It is very easy and simple procedure.

To initiate the BOI Online Banking enrollment, you can keep your Bank of America Credit Card handy and follow the instructions listed below.

Go to the Bank of America Card Activation Page at

Bank of America Card Activation Welcome to Card Activation

Click the blue “Enroll in Online Banking” button located middle right-hand side of the page.

Provide the last 6 digits of your Credit Card in the respective field without any space on the middle left side of the page. (It’s not required you have to enroll in Online Banking using only your BOI credit card, you can use any BOI card like Debit/ATM or Account to sign up for the service)

Enter your full Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number (only digits) to begin the enrollment process.

Create your Online ID and Passcode

Complete the security set-up; review and submit.

Bank of America Online Banking Enrollment

The card members, who don’t have SSN, need to go through a short identity verification process to start their BOI Online Banking enrollment. For that, they have to provide the following details:

Last 6 digits of Bank of America ATM or Debit Card number

ATM or Debit Card PIN

And Account Number that can be easily found on your Bank of America statement. (Click the ‘question mark’ next if you still need help to locate the number)

Activate your BOI Credit Card Online

After the enrollment or you are already using BOI Online Banking, sign in to that account to activate your credit card conveniently, securely and easily. You can check the steps provided here to get started.

Visit same as mentioned above

Bank of America Card Activation login

Click the blue “Sign in to Online Banking” button from the left middle of the page and a ‘Secure Sign-In’ window will appear on your screen.

There you need to input your Online ID and Passcode in the specific fields.

Hit the “Sign In” button to enter your Online Banking Account and start the Card Activation process.

In the time of signing in, you can check the box of “Save this Online Id” to store the ID in the device you are using and save your time to enter it every time you sign in that device and speed up the process. If you are using a public computer you should refrain from using the feature for the security purpose. However, you can clear a saved Online ID by logging into your account anytime you want.

Bank of America Credit Card Login Help

The users, who forgot their Online ID/Passcode or both, can utilize the “Sign-in help options” to view the Online ID and set a new Passcode. You can find the feature exactly below the ‘Sign In’ button. Select the link which you will require and input the following information to verify your identity and start the recovery process.

BOI Debit/ATM Card, Credit Card or Account Number

Social Security or Tax Identification Number

If you don’t have an SSN or Tax ID, contact Bank of America through the respective link provided on the page.

Online Banking Features and Benefits

Users of the Bank of America Online or Mobile Banking will get a lot of features to enjoy such as:

Transfers money from checking or savings account

Set up one time or automatic recurring for paying utilities, cable, phone or the BOI Credit Card or mortgage account bills electronically

Send and receive money with Zelle

Fast and easy checkouts with digital wallets

Monitor all the transaction and organize, compare your spending across all categories in one place

The BOI Credit Card members can check their FICO Score- updated monthly for free

View and redeem credit card rewards; see all the nearby cashback deals and earn cash back using your eligible BOI credit or debit cards

Customize email, text or mobile app alerts

Replace a lost, stolen or damaged card or checkbook

Direct deposit of your paycheck automatically

Receive paperless Statement, lock or unlock the debit card, update contact info, choose and order personalized check, update contact info, schedule an appointment, access BankAmeriDeals and more.

Bank of America Credit Card Customer Service:

Customer service: 00 1 315-724-4022

Credit card support: 00 1 757-677-4701


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