How Do I Apply For Sassa Grant-In-Aid 2022 | Sassa Application


How Do I Apply For Sassa Grant-In-Aid 2022 | Sassa Application

The Sassa grant-in-aid aims to provide additional funding for older, physically disabled or war veteran people who receive an old age, disability or war veterans grant.

The grant is used to assist with medical bills, nutritious food purchases and compensating the person taking care of them.

Who qualifies to to receive the Sassa grant-in-aid

Apply for the SASSA grant today! To qualify for grant-in-aid, you must already be receiving an old-age, disability or war veterans grant.

Applicants will need to demonstrate they require regular attendance by another person because of their physical or mental disabilities.

The applicant must not be cared for at an institution that already receives a state subsidy.

You will need a valid medical report or assessment report (less than 3 months old), which shows that you need full-time care. This can be from a private doctor and doesn’t have to be from a state doctor.

How to apply for Sassa grant-in-aid

To apply for the  grant-in-aid, fill out an application form at your nearest SASSA office.

There is no application fee.

Thereafter, an interview will be conducted, and your fingerprints taken and given information on whether you qualify for the grant.

Processing time is 30 working days for your application to be processed and checked and either approved or refused.

If your application is refused, you’ll get a letter explaining why it has been refused and how you can appeal.

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