How to Reset the Password of Doordash Login Portal 2022

How to Reset the Password of Doordash Login Portal 2022


How to Reset the Password of Doordash Login Portal 2022, If you are searching for the DoorDash Driver Login on the internet, then you are in the right place. We are going to discuss the DoorDash Driver Login guide through this article. Here, you will get detailed information on how to access this portal, how to register for a new account, and how to reset the forgotten password. Along with the login procedure, you will also get to know some additional information about DoorDash, DoorDash Employee Benefits, and much more. So, we suggest you read this article till the end to know more about the DoorDash Driver Account Login.

About Doordash

Doordash is an online food ordering and delivery service company, based in San Francisco City, in the United States of America. Doordash is well known with customers located throughout multiple states in the country because of their on-time services, discounts, and many more. It is one of the biggest food delivery companies in the country with a market share of 56%. Apart from the United States, they also serve throughout other countries such as Australia and Canada.

DoorDash was started by four people Tony Xu, Andy Fang, Evan Moore, and Stanley Tang in January 2013, in California. Recently they have acquired three more companies known as Chowbotics, Scotty Labs, and Caviar. It helps the company to expand its operations and incorporate new technologies such as robotics into the food service company.

About Doordash Driver Login

Doordash Driver Login is an official portal that helps delivery drivers to locate their delivery locations precisely on a real-time GPS map. So that they can choose their best profitable orders or route and also help them to check on the traffic jams along the route they are traveling. It also helps the delivery drivers to manage and see all their delivery orders online. Plus, this platform also helps the drivers to accept as well as cancel the orders from the comfort of their homes or a route on a delivery.

Requirements to Access the Doordash Driver Login

Before proceeding further to the Doordash Driver Login, you must know about the requirements to access the portal. These are some of the following requirements that you must have to access the Doordash Driver Account Login portal:

Users must have to be a driver working for the Doordash delivery company.

You will need your email address (linked to your account) and password set up during the registration process.

Required a web browser that meets the requirements of the said web page

Plus, make sure that your web browser is updated.

Need a compatible device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or PC with a stable internet connection

Lastly, you must have the official web address of the driver of the merchant portal

How to Register Your Account on the Driver Doordash Login Platform?

If you want to open an account on the Doordash Driver Login online platform, then you have to follow these simple instructions below:

Firstly, you need to go to this link

By clicking on the above-mentioned link, you will be redirected to the Doordash Driver Login

There, under the login section, click on the Partner with DoorDash option.

Then, enter your business name, business address, email address, and phone number, and select your business type.

After providing all the required details on the given fields, select the Get Started option.

How to Access the Doordash Driver Login Account?

It is quite easy to access your Doordash Driver Login portal. If you have the above-mentioned requirements with you, then you can proceed with the login requirements:

You have to visit this link

It will redirect you to the DoorDash Merchant Login

There, you have to enter your registered email and password in the given fields.

After providing the required login credentials, simply select the LogIn option.

If your provided login credentials are correct, you will be logged in to your DoorDash Driver Login



Access the Doordash Driver Login with Social Media Account

You can also access your Doordash Driver Login portal with your Google, Facebook, and Apple account. You have to follow these simple instructions below to access the Doordash Driver Login portal:

Firstly, you need to visit this link

There, under the login section, you have to select Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Then, provide the details to access the Doordash Driver Login

How to Reset the Password of Doordash Login Portal

We often tend to lose or forget passwords for various social media platforms all the time. There, there is a high chance of losing the passwords of this platform as well. So, if you forgot or lost your password, then you have to follow these simple instructions below:

Firstly, go to this link

There, under the login section, you have to click on the Forgot Your Password option.

Then, enter your valid email address associated with your account and click on Send Reset Link option.

You will get a link to your registered email address to reset your DoorDash Login

Features Offered by Doordash Driver Login

The Doordash Driver Login provides several features for the delivery drivers who access this platform. These are some of the features described below:

This platform helps the drivers to identify each other in real-time GPS on the live map.

It lets the users select from the available orders based on their profitability or distance.

This platform also helps delivery drivers to manage their booked orders at the same time online.

Users can access the canceled order lists on this platform.

Access to all the invoices regarding every order is also available on this platform for the delivery drivers to access

Doordash Driver portal also allows the users to check the reviews given by the customer satisfaction by reading the customer comments given here.

Doordash Employee Benefits

DoorDash provides a lot of benefits to its customers and for that, it became one of the most popular food delivery platforms in the country. Similarly, they also offer some of the best benefits for its employees, to reward them for their hard work. These are the following benefits that you will get with the DoorDash Driver Login:

Being an employee of an online delivery platform like Doordash means they can get free meals, dinner, lunch, snacks as well as drinks throughout their work week.

The company provides a generous paid time off period of up to 16 weeks for maternity reasons for their employees.

Offers multiple health and life insurance plans to choose from

Employees can also take personal leaves or sick leaves under the PTO period

Doordash Customer Service

If you face any problem while login to your DoorDash Merchant Login portal, you can contact the customer service department by using the following details:

United States (English): 855-973-1040

United States (Español): 855-834-8733

Canada (English): 647-957-7219

Canada (Français): 855-643-8439

Australia: 1800-958-316

New Zealand: +64-800-001-188

FAQs about Doordash

Q: What is a Doordash Red Card?

A: The Red Card is a credit card that Dashers use to make payments for some DoorDash orders. Each Dasher will get a Red Card during orientation or when they get a welcome kit. You should know that your earnings will not be deposited on the Red Card, and it is not linked to your bank account.

Q: When do Dashers get paid?

A: Dashers get paid every week for all their deliveries completed between Monday to Sunday of the previous week. The payments will directly transfer to your bank account via Direct Deposit and usually take 2 to 3 days to show up on your bank account.

Q: How to schedule a Dash from DoorDash?

A: DoorDash Support cannot add, edit, or extend your Dash. Their app updates in real-time and you are able to do this in the app. In order to schedule a Dash, you have to follow these simple instructions below:

In the Dasher app, visit the Schedule tab

Then, in the Available tab, you can check the upcoming days of the week at the top. Select a day.

You can select a starting point and available times for your Dash.

Once you see a Dash you like, simply tap on it to choose your preferred Start and End Time within the given timeframe.

Then, tap on the Save Dash option.


Here, in this article, we have tried to provide a detailed guide to help the delivery drivers working for the DoorDash company complete the login, registration, password change, and account recovery procedures on the DoorDash Driver Login platform. Plus, the brief description of the DoorDash Login portal will help you to understand the various features, login requirements, and functions of this platform. Through this article, you will also get to learn about the DoorDash Company itself. So, that is all about the Doordash Driver Login.

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