Indigo Platinum MasterCard Login 2022 |

Indigo Platinum MasterCard Login 2022 |


Indigo Platinum MasterCard Credit Cardmembers are offered to use the safe and secure Indigo Platinum MasterCard Home Page at and activate, register and log into their card account over the web. And after that, they can enjoy all the online account benefits such as access and manage the card account 24/7, pay the bill online free, receive paperless statements and many more.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard Registration

To initiate any kind of card activity like activation for first-time use or login, the Indigo Platinum MasterCard members will require their online card account. So, the consumers, who don’t have an account, register for it now. To complete the process, keep your card handy and follow the steps provided below:

  • Go to the Indigo Platinum MasterCard Home Page at
  • Click the blue “Register” button.
  • Enter the Card Account Number as it appears on your Indigo Platinum credit card or statement.
  • Enter the primary cardholder’s Date of Birth.
  • Enter the full Social Security Number.
  • Click “Next” and complete the process to register your account and gain access to it.

Register Indigo Platinum MasterCard


After registration, the new Indigo Platinum MasterCard members will be able to activate their recently arrived credit card to make use of it.

For that, they have to visit the above-mentioned Home Page and click the “Activate Your Card (Requires Log-In)” link under the ‘Log-In to our Secure Server’ from the right section of the page.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard Login

Log into the Indigo Platinum card account is a quick and easy process in which you just need two pieces of information. The existing card members as well as the new card members, who just have finished their registration process, can log into their account by the following process.

  • Visit the Indigo Platinum MasterCard Home Page at
  • Enter the Username and Password in their respective fields in the ‘Log-In to our Secure Server’.
  • Click the “LOGIN” button to enter into your account.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard login

Forgot Username or Password

Those, who are not able to recall their login credentials or facing any difficulty to log in, can request the Username and reset the Password. Click the “Forgot your Username and Password?” below the ‘LogIn’ button and provide the following information.

  • Username (to reset password)/Email (to retrieve username)
  • Last 4 digits of your Account Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • After submitting, the username or password related information will be sent to your email.

To Pay the Bills

The Indigo Platinum MasterCard users have 4 options to pay their monthly credit card bills.

Pay Online

Users can make an immediate payment online through the above-mentioned website. This free Online Bill Pay service is the easy, convenient and quick method to pay your bills monthly. You just need to log into your Indigo Platinum MasterCard account via the internet and enter the required bank account details and your monthly paying amount will be deducted from your select bank account electronically.

Pay by phone

If you opt to pay the bills over the phone, dial the number located on the back of your card and provide the necessary information you will be asked for. Or call the Customer Service Number at 866-946-9545

Pay by MoneyGram or Western Union

Those who want to make a MoneyGram payment, need to find their nearest MoneyGram location. While making the payment they will require the following info.

Company Name- Genesis FS Card Services

Receive Code- 4911

Pay by mail

To pay the bills in the mail, send a check or money order with the required details and attachment to the following address:

Genesis FS Card Services

PO Box 4477

Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

Useful Link:

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