Motor Vehicle Registration 2022 | Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB)

How to register new vehicle

To register a vehicle for the first time at a ZRB office you will need to present documentation to confirm your identity like ID or your passport. This ensures that the name and address details provided at the time of registration are genuine, thereby preventing the fraudulent registration of vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Registration 2022 | Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB)

Vehicle first registration fee

Vehicles registered and taxed for the first time on the ZRB records will be required to pay a fee of Tshs ............. This extra payment is designed to cover the costs associated with registration of the vehicle throughout its life. Certain vehicles are exempt from payment.

Vehicles exempt from payment

The fee is applicable to all vehicles except for the following exemptions:

those first registered and licensed in the disabled exempt taxation class

imported vehicles previously registered under the personal export scheme and new means of transport scheme

visiting forces vehicles

vehicles registered under the direct export scheme

TIC exempt vehicles

Making the payment

You will be required to pay the fee in a single payment, along with the cost of the vehicle tax payable, if the vehicle is first registered and licensed at the ZRB office. If buying a brand new vehicle, the dealer will usually include this in the cost.

The cost of vehicle crime

Registering vehicles, and keeping the register up-to-date, is an important weapon in the fight against vehicle related and other crime and benefits individuals directly. The fee ensures that more of the cost of this service is placed on those who call upon it.

Does VAT apply to the fee?

Revenue and Customs advise that the first registration fee is outside the scope of paying VAT.

How to get a number plate made up

To have a number plate made up for your vehicle, you will need to go to a registered number plate supplier. You will be required to produce proof of entitlement to the number and documentation to prove your identity before the number plate can be made up.

What you need to do

You will need to produce at least one document from each of the lists below to allow the number plate supplier to confirm your name, address and entitlement. All documents should be original, not copies.

Acceptable documents to confirm identity

a driving licence whether or not issued in Zanzibar with 3 photograph passport size. This is preferred because it is a secure, government-issued document showing both name and address

a national identity card issued by the SMZ

How to register your 'old' vehicle

If you want to register an old vehicle, you may be able to register it under its original mark. You will need to apply through a vehicle owner's club who will pass your application to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (ZRB) for a new vehicle record to be set up.

How to register your vehicle under its original number

To register a vehicle which is not recorded at the ZRB because it missed the 1983 deadline you will need to complete an application form available at ZRB local office or for download forms from the ZRB website.

To apply you should:

complete form ZRB123 available from a ZRB office

complete form ZRB432

provide a recent photograph of the vehicle and documentary evidence, such as the original log book, tax certificate(TIN), linking it to the original number

What happens next

The endorsed application will then be forwarded to ZRB for processing and a vehicle registration certificate will be issued. The original number will be allocated on a non-transferable basis. In cases where the original number was re-allocated by the local taxation office or transferred to another vehicle, ZRB will allocate another number appropriate to the age of the vehicle.

Further information

Further information on registering an old vehicle can be found on information leaflet 'How to register your 'old' vehicle' which is available from a ZRB office.

What to do if your vehicle is stolen

If your vehicle is stolen you should report it immediately to the police. The police will notify the ZRB of the details of the theft and any recovery of the vehicle on your behalf.

Call your local police station

Before calling the police to report the theft of your vehicle, make sure you have all the vehicle details to hand i.e. registration number, make, model and colour of the vehicle. The police will give you a crime reference number which you will need in the event of an insurance claim and claim for a refund of the vehicle.

Call your insurance company

You will need to contact your insurance company immediately for advice. If your vehicle is not recovered and your insurance company pays out a claim, then you should tell the ZRB the date the payment was accepted and the name and address of the insurance company. If your insurance company requests the whole of the registration document or certificate you should tell the ZRB in a letter giving the details of the insurance company and the date of the claim.

Refund of vehicle tax

You can apply for a refund on your vehicle tax if your vehicle has been stolen and not recovered. Many vehicles are recovered within a few days of theft, so it is advisable not to make the application until about seven days after the theft. A special application form V33 is available for this purpose. You will need the crime reference number given by the police. Further information on applying for a refund can be found on the link below.