SASSA Latest News Update Today 30th September 2022


Clients who get an SMS indicating that their cellphone number has changed but have not made the change are asked to contact SASSA. Clients are instructed to follow the link in the SMS.

They will be able to report the unauthorized change in telephone number thanks to this. The supplied link is a special one. It will fail if a client fills in an ID number that does not match the URL.

SASSA Latest News Update Today 30th September 2022

Customers can phone SASSA, but they also promised to give a special connection. Twitter image credit: @OfficialSASSA

Image via Twitter’s @OfficialSASSA

You can also call a phone number to report the incident.

SASSA further advises clients to phone 0800 60 10 11 if they are unable to click the link.

COVID19SRD The client is advised to click the link provided in the SMS to report an unlawful cell phone number change or contact 0800 60 10 11 [1/2] #SASSACARES if they get an SMS informing them that their mobile number has changed but they did not make the change, the agency tweeted.

In related SASSA news, it has already been noted that the organization has asked recipients of the R350 social relief of distress (SRD) award to refrain from often changing their bank information.

According to SASSA, payments may be delayed due to frequent changes in bank information. Many candidates used social media during the last week to vent about having their grant applications rejected or dealing with delayed reimbursements.

The often changing bank information on the SRD website was cited by SASSA as one of the causes of the payment delays. The organization noted that because the beneficiary must be confirmed whenever bank information is altered, there will be a delay.

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