Step by Step e hr target Login Guide 2022


e hr target: How do I log in to the EHR website of a target EHR team member?

  • e hr target: Visit from any Internet browser.
  • Enter the desired LAN ID in the User Name field. If you do not have a target LAN ID, enter the 8-digit target team member number in the username.
  • Enter the target EHR password in the password field.
  • Click Login.
  • Target login time
  • The official EHR login page is shown below.
  • Remember that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

New employees must create a password before they can log in to EHR. In the computer store, click Workbench. Enter the 8-digit destination ID and click the “I forgot my password” link. Follow the instructions and you will be provided with a temporary password.

Remember, because it is an intranet application, you can only access Target Workbench in the store.

How can I see my target work schedule at home?

  • Go to the target SSO website at The page will be redirected to a URL that starts with
  • Enter the e hr target Login ID in the Login ID field.
  • Enter the target password in the password field.
  • Click Login.
  • After logging in, click the red button “Programming and Timing” and then click “See My Programming.”

Target schedule

The landing page of the official target table is shown below. Moreover, if you are having trouble accessing the page, try using another Internet browser, try resetting your browser’s cache and cookies, or try opening the page from another device, such as a phone.

Your login ID on the target plan page is the target LAN ID or target team member number. A LAN identifier is a set of letters and numbers.

  • The target LAN ID is used to log on to the computer in the target store.
  • The target team member number is an identifier used in the clock.
  • Team member numbers can be found on your salary or discount card for team members.
  • You cannot ask for free time at home. This must be done in the store.
  • You can also view the target program by downloading the Kronos Mobile app and logging in with EHR credentials. You must also log in to the server at to log in using the Kronos application.

If you have forgotten your password, please call the Target Customer Support Center (CSC) at 1-612-304-HELP (1-612-304-4357).

Target single sign-on

SSO targets are “single target logins”. The target SSO login page is, which redirects to Enter your login credentials to log in.

How do I sign in to see my target calendar on my phone?

You can easily view your target timeline from your phone: Visit the login page listed above in your mobile browser, or visit the mobile-optimized login page at

Instead, download the KRONOS MOBILE application.

What is the target Kronos application server?

To view your target timetable with the KRONOS Mobile app, first search and download the KRONOS MOBILE app for iOS or Android.

Hence, when prompted for the server ID, enter: (for example, a server), and then log in with your login credentials.

EHR target login issues.

If you are unable to log in to e hr target, you can help:

  • you can also verify that the shift lock button on the keyboard is turned off. The username and password are case sensitive.
  • Log in using another web browser. Chrome is usually available, but you can also try internet explorer or Mozilla.
  • Try signing in incognito mode or similar, or clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Also, try to access the Kronos app through your phone’s browser to access your schedule on your phone.

Target Workday Login.

  • Workday is an application and platform that displays payroll and company benefits. To use the target workday, download the workday app.
  • The target weekday login is your target team member ID, which is your login ID. Minus two zeros
  • Similarly, the weekday password is the same as the target EHR password in the store.

Target Human Resources Contact

If you need to reset the target EHR or KRONOS password, please contact the Target Customer Support Center (CSC) at 1-612-304-4357.

Tip: Talk to a real representative: Dial the CSC phone number. Press “3” in the first round of options. In the second round of options, press “5. In the third, press “2.

Lastly, if you still have questions, please share your questions in the comments section below.

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