Steps for logging into SA Youth Mobi 2022


SA Youth Mobi is a mobile website where young people can register for free. This implies that by utilizing SAYouth Mobi login instead of setting up your social network profiles on your phone, you may save money on data.

Steps for logging into SA Youth Mobi 2022

You may participate with and access chances for learning and earning on the SaYouth Mobi platform by enrolling and completing your profile. Opportunities from many partners are gathered at Sa Youth Mobi.

How to sign up for SA Youth Network

  • To sign up for SAYouth,
  • Visit
  • Following that, you must press the “I’m ready to join” button.

To finish the registration procedure, enter your personal information and contact data, then click through the remaining sections.

After registering and accepting the T&Cs, answer all the questions. You should spend roughly 4 minutes on this.

After answering all of the questions, a list of opportunities in your area will be provided.

Apply by clicking the opportunity you are interested in.
To add further information, such as educational background and professional experience, click the profile button.

Steps for logging into SA Youth Mobi

  • Visit to log in.
  • Enter your RSA ID or username.
  • your password here.
  • To access your dashboard, click Login.

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