Top 4 Best Gas Station POS Systems In 2022


Best and most demanding Gas station POS systems will be explained in this article. Owners of gas stations have particular requirements for their point-of-sale (POS) systems. Fuel pumps, in-store retail and food items, freshly prepared goods, and even car washes should all be supported by gas station POS systems. A gas station POS must additionally have fundamental POS features like trustworthy payment processing and reporting tools.

The top gas station POS systems are determined by those standards to be:

NCR: Top-notch POS system for gas stations

Best for travel stops and multiple locations is Verifone.

LS Retail: Ideally suited for large, high-volume gas stations that require comprehensive fuel management

Businesses that require robust inventory and reporting capabilities should use Petrosoft SmartPOS.

 Best Gas Station POS Systems Compared

Not exactly what you needed? For more alternatives, see our lists of the best POS systems for retail and the best POS systems overall.

How We Evaluated Gas Station POS Systems

optimum gas station POS systems ought to enable you to manage all of your company’s requirements from a single register without requiring you to integrate numerous POS software packages. Our first criterion was the built-in capability to sync with fuel pumps for control and monitoring because we discovered many POS systems that were effective for convenience stores. After that, we looked for features required for the sale of lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol, and food from the register.

Finally, we made sure to just have POS systems that provide tools for managing grocery, lottery, and fuel sales. Additionally, in order to sell alcohol and tobacco, age verification is necessary.

Based on our assessment, we determined that NCR was the best overall, awarding it a grade of 4.71 out of 5. With excellent features for convenience stores and gas stations, it is a very well-liked POS system for other applications.

Top 4 Best Gas Station POS Systems In 2022

1. NCR: Best Overall POS Software for Gas Stations


What We Enjoy

Contactless, EMV, and mobile payments at the pump

Accepts fleet, loyalty, credit, and debit cards

Pump marketing programming

What’s Absent

Pricing not disclosed

Demands the use of specialized hardware

Pre-formatted reports

Go to NCR

NCR produces highly regarded point of sale (POS) hardware and software for restaurants and retail, and it has integrated these features into a system that excels at gas stations. NCR Storepoint and NCR RPOS are two of the company’s products for gas stations and convenience stores. Also check time tracking software

Your commercial fuel operations are covered by Storepoint, including fuel management, pump POS integration, wet stock management, inventory, reporting, employee management, and retail (for truck stops that sell more products than your typical c-store).

Your convenience store operations are integrated with the other customer touchpoints at your gas station by RPOS. It enables you to deliver goods, promote engagement-enabled loyalty programmes, accept food orders at the pump, accept payments via mobile devices, verify customer age for age-restricted products, and maintain the security of your cash flow.

Our evaluation gave NCR a 4.71 out of 5 stars. As would be anticipated from a company that has worked with establishments like banks and restaurants, it received high marks for feature set and usability. Users laud the user-friendly interface and selection of payment methods. However, points were deducted primarily due to the POS system’s unstated pricing, which makes it difficult to determine the system’s affordability. It should be mentioned that you will need NCR’s proprietary hardware, which can increase the cost, but users say it offers good value. In light of this, get in touch with NCR’s sales division for a software demo and quick quote.

NCR Costing

NCR requires customized pricing depending on the hardware and features you require for gas stations and convenience stores. In addition, NCR offers a complete payment processing solution, which could be priced as part of the package. NCR’s integrated hardware for POS airports and pump POS will also need to be purchased. Additionally, expect to be bound by long-term contracts even though all-in-one subscriptions are probably available (for instance, another NCR POS solution, NCR Silver, bundles software and hardware in its payment plan).

Standout NCR Features

POS features: NCR manages car wash stations and even lets you control gas prices. It also lets your cashiers control pumps from their own stations. Self-service kiosks can be installed in cafes and restaurants.

POS configuration manager: This back-office feature enables you to configure receipt texts, menu defaults, and pump prompts for a variety of gas station locations. It also enables remote management of fuel items and prices.

NCR site management: A back-office module enables you to manage your retail item catalog for price, coupon, and promotion updates. It also provides optional add-on tools for inventory and vendor portals. 60 real-time reports on sales and price changes are also included.

Accepts credit, debit, loyalty, and fleet cards as forms of payment. EMV, mobile, and contactless payments are all supported at outdoor pumps.

Forecourt consumer attention: NCR’s pump POS systems have video functions that are highly customizable and can be used to advertise goods, loyalty schemes, sales, or other things.

Mobile checkout: NCR continues to be on the cutting edge of technology with its mobile checkout service. This might give you an advantage in the COVID-19 era, when people are attempting to restrict social interactions.

60 preconfigured reports from NCR that provide real-time visibility into price overrides, fuel price changes, voids, and other suspicious activity can help you keep track of your sales.

Mobile management: Use any mobile device to access your gas and convenience store real-time insights.

What’s Missing from NCR

NCR’s inventory reporting isn’t as customizable and doesn’t have as many tax programming features as Petrosoft. NCR’s POS design is worth the money you spend, according to user reviews, but it could benefit from some level of price transparency for small businesses, such as details on software subscription and add-on fees (which opponents like LS Retail provides). Further, customers might not always have access to live assistance or phone support.

2. Verifone: Best for Travel Stops & Multiple locations


What We Enjoy

Pump sales of lottery tickets

Can control up to 64 pumps

Handle RFID transactions

What’s Absent

Lacks integrated marketing and loyalty features

Support for problems besides hardware can be slow.

Complaints about touch-screen issues

Go to Verifone

Verifone is an option to think about if you run a travel stop with gas pumps, gift shops, and food delivery services. Its flexible system controls self-serve kiosks in addition to retail and fueling. Additionally, it manages sales that are age-restricted, such as tobacco, and you can even sell lottery tickets at the pump. For fleet cards, tank level monitoring, electric fuel signage, and loyalty management, Verifone lists a number of integration partners. Also check payment software alternatives

Verifone comes in second place to NCR for gas stations with a score of 4.6 out of 5. The system’s provision of a car wash management feature and a range of integrated third-party payment providers caught our attention in particular. For its round-the-clock customer service, Verifone outperformed NCR, but it fell short when it came to marketing features, which heavily rely on third-party integrations and received a lower evaluation score from our experts. This is another post system.

Although marketing and loyalty were not given much consideration in this evaluation, it should be noted that these features are lacking in comparison to NCR.

Pricing Verifone

Verifone will adapt to your needs, including self-service kiosks and controllers in addition to countertop POS systems, like the majority of forecourt or c-store POS systems. The pricing is also personalized. For more details, get in touch with Verifone.

Verifone’s Unique Qualities

Verifone site controllers: Can integrate up to 36 workstations and support up to 64 fueling positions of a single dispenser type.

Forecourt POS: In addition to gasoline, the pump sells lottery tickets. When sales are conducted by a full-service attendant, it also monitors the handling of cash and fueling of cash dispensers.

Kitchen management system: Orders are sent directly to the kitchen with the help of a built-in kitchen management system found in food-service and self-service kiosks.

Accepts credit, debit, loyalty, and fleet cards as well as mobile payments, RFID payments, and other forms of payment. At the pump, it also has a feature for scanning coupons.

Car wash management: With this solution, your customers can pay with a card at a POS terminal or with cash at a pay point device for their car wash service.

Selling money orders: Verifone has integrated with MoneyGram Delta and Western Union, enabling it to sell money orders from the c-store POS terminal.

What’s Missing from Verifone

Verifone is a fully functional system, although there isn’t much information available online about specifications. Online users frequently complained about touch displays not working and sluggish customer service. However, for small firms trying to expand their consumer base, the omission of marketing elements might be a major pain point. If this describes you, make sure to thoroughly discuss your needs with a sales representative or think about an NCR alternative.

3.LS Retail: Best for Busy Gas Stations With Multiple Pumps

LS Retail

What We Enjoy

Integrated system

Top-notch fuel monitoring capabilities

The ability to automatically replace wet stock (fuel).

What’s Absent

Hardware Needed LS Retail

No free knowledge base access

An additional subscription fee for payment processing might be necessary.

Retail Pricing for LS

Software budgets: depending on quotes

Hardware prices are unknown.

Processing costs: Personalized rates

Go to LS Retail.

This is another post system. The finest gas station POS system for managing fuel is LS Retail. In addition to business intelligence, payment processing, and other applications for various business sizes, it offers three gas level POS systems: LS Central, LS One, and LS First. In order to know what fuel to reorder and when, the technology makes it simple for cashiers to handle pumps from approval through shutdowns and compute wet inventory levels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the backend’s customer resource management and inventories.

A 4.48 out of 5 was given to LS Retail. The system has almost all of the features you could find in a gas station or convenience shop, including a built-in tank gauge tracking system that Verifone lacks. It also doesn’t provide cost details, but it offers you a general notion of membership alternatives. The fact that LS Retail does not list its operating hours or appear to have any information about payment processing choices costs it points, therefore you might have to pay more for your payment processing service.

Retail Pricing for LS

Regarding pricing, you’ll need to get in contact with LS Retail, however the system has three plans listed on its website. While LS Central is an all-in-one POS & ERP software system and LS First is for large-scale gas station and convenience shop enterprises, LS One is a standalone POS with back office functions.

You may quickly connect your LS Retail account to LS Pay, a payment software solution from LS Retail that manages payment kinds, offers security, and keeps track of multichannel transactions. You’ll require a separate merchant account, so compare prices from its list of affiliated payment processors.

LS Retail’s Unique Qualities

Central pump control: The pumps are entirely under the supervision of the cashiers. Pumps can be authorized, stopped, paused, and locked or unlocked. If a consumer doesn’t utilize their entire prepaid, you can record drive-aways and refund money.

Control of wet inventory includes automatic readings of deliveries and tank gauge data. Non-automated data, including tank dip measurements or delivery notes, can be manually added.

Automatic stock replenishment: Based on past sales and current stock levels, the system may automatically replenish wet stock.

Microsoft-based solution: LS Retail is a hybrid POS that can be used with Microsoft Dynamics ERP or Software as a Service (SaaS) with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations if you want a system that is completely implemented on-premises.

Get a real-time insight of your inventory and merchandising system with real-time performance monitoring. Analyze the distribution of sales in relation to the POS, overall revenue, clientele, inventory, or average purchase amount at any given moment.

Reward management: With LS Retail, you can quickly and easily set up in-store, online, and mobile loyalty programmes and offers.

What’s Missing From LS Retail

The hardware information on the LS Retail website is not specified, so be sure to inquire about your alternatives while speaking with the sales team. Ask how LS Retail manages those transactions as well if you sell lottery tickets. LS Retail might not be the best choice for people on a tight budget or with a modest volume of sales transactions. For instance, opening a merchant account with LS Pay entails paying setup and ongoing fees, and your transaction rate will vary depending on the size and volume of your business. A POS system like Verifone that offers additional options might be better for you. This is another post system. Also check sandbox software

4. Petrosoft SmartPOS: Best for Inventory & Reports

Petrosoft SmartPOS

What We Enjoy

Beer, tobacco, and lottery sales events

More than 200 reports

Cooking and meal preparation tools

What’s Absent

To manage the fuel inventory, a CStore Office is required.

Short hours for client service

High one-time hardware expense

Go to Petrosoft.

Petrosoft’s SmartPOS is a complete hardware and software package designed specifically for convenience businesses. It works in tandem with your pumps as well. In conjunction with CStore Office, you may obtain a robust backend with over 200 configurable reports for maximizing sales and inventory, as well as a mobile app that gives you access to your company’s data whenever you need it. Additionally, it provides numerous integrations for solutions in the areas of order management, self-service, food service, and analytics. This is another post system.

Processes for managing staff performance were also installed by Petrosoft. It offers adaptable training options for your staff in addition to built-in security features like an electronic journal that keeps tabs on shady transactions like no sales, refunds, voids, and cancellations. To prevent needless delays in processing transactions, you may also configure your POS interface to provide shortcuts, search bars, and pending order management.

Petrosoft received a 4.43 out of 5 score in our evaluation. Petrosoft, like the other POS developers on our list, has years of industry experience and has created a product to suit the requirements of the majority of gas station operators. But it's configurable and in-depth reporting tools are what make it unique. Petrosoft, however, fell short of the competition in terms of usability. The need for several connectors, similar to CStore Office, would make it more difficult for users to configure their systems.

Pricing for Petrosoft SmartPOS

The two versions of Petrosoft’s SmartPOS software—Apexa G and Apexa Prime—are sold coupled with hardware. A touch-screen POS terminal, software, customer display, printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and EMV pin pad are all included with the system. CStore Office software is required for back-office management. You can also buy peripherals and additional software from Petrosoft’s marketplace, like Scan Data for barcode scanners and QuickServe for food and order administration.

Petrosoft SmartPOS Unique Characteristics

Pumps with consent mode alert the cashier when a customer requests authorisation.

POS screen customization: Cashiers can add their favorite or most-used buttons to their screens to speed up checkouts.

POS system safety measures: The system can alert you when it’s time to do a safe drop if you restrict the amount of cash in your registers to prevent theft.

Lottery management security measures: For instant lottery sales, SmartPOS has early theft detection.

You may add, update, and push price changes to your POS system using the price book manager.

Electronic journal: Has event labeling and bookmarking features that assist draw attention to shady transactions.

Staff training options: On-terminal, online, and in-person instruction are all available.

Petrosoft’s Missing Piece

To build a complete system to manage your business, Petrosoft significantly relies on integrations like CStore Office. This necessitates extra fees that could increase your costs. You could also speak with Petrosoft sales if you want additional details on the pump management feature. Last but not least, Petrosoft lacks an internal payment processing solution; if this is a deal-breaker for you, we advise looking into Verifone, which offers a range of payment processing solutions.

Bottom Line

A POS system that takes into account a gas station’s requirements, from pumps to hot snacks, can increase checkout productivity and boost customer happiness. It also makes it simpler for managers and cashiers to handle a variety of sales and inventory while adhering to rules like age restrictions. In general, we discovered NCR to be the best for petrol stations. For a quote and to get going, go to NCR.

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