Aps Score For Teaching At WITS 2022


Aps Score For Teaching At WITS 2022, If you are interested in teaching in an academic setting in South Africa today, then you will do yourself a great deal of good if you can first take time to study in a reputable university and get a degree from an institution like Wits. By enrolling for the Bachelor of Education: Intermediate Phase Teaching Programme at the University, you will be able to teach in any school in the country as a competent and qualified teacher.

Aps Score For Teaching At WITS 2022

Aps Score For Teaching At WITS

The aps score for teaching at Wits is 36+. This is a very crucial requirement you must fulfill before you can be given a space in the institution to study.

Before you can be admitted to study this programme at Wits, your APS must be 36+. This is one of the foremost requirements that determines if or not you will have a space in the institution. Therefore, before you apply, it is helpful that you take out time to try calculating your aps score yourself, and be sure you have 36 and above. This is when you can then proceed to study this programme at Wits.

You need:

A. English Home Language OR First Additional Language  Level 5

B. Mathematics Level 4


C. Math Literacy Level 5


D. Technical Mathematics Level 5

On the other hand, there are applicants that will fall into the category of wait-listing. These are folks with an entry requirement of at least 31-35 APS. Those that will find themselves in this category will be subject to place availability.

It should also be added that the institution, like several others in the country, gives preference to applicants with higher English results. Therefore, if you are a student going for this, it is helpful to have an initial knowledge of the things that call for your advantage. But even if your English is not on the high side, you should not be discouraged, but should proceed with your application.

The institution has also explained that even if a student should be able to meet the minimum requirements, this is not to say they are guaranteed a spot automatically to study the programme, since there is limited space. Therefore, there are other entry requirements that will determine if you will eventually be admitted or not.

However, you have scaled a reasonable hurdle if you are able to beat the aps score. In other words, you are getting closer to becoming a student at the institution. This is because not every student will be able to meet that requirement. It is very important to say that the school won’t bend these requirements for anyone. If you are going to come into the system, then you must fulfill the agreed requirements first and foremost.

Of course, there are always many applicants fighting for a spot in the school. However, not everyone is allowed to come in. You should know that a lot of students are now aware of the benefits of learning teaching in an institution such as Wits. Actually, aside from the fact that you will get to teach in any school in the country, you will also be able to register with the South African Council of Educators (SACE).

Passing through this institution means that you will be enabled to teach effectively across a range of subjects. This includes English, additional languages, as well as Mathematics. The exposure and knowledge you will acquire by being a student studying teaching in Wits, are really helpful. They will help you progress in your career as a teacher in South Africa.

Being A Teacher In South Africa

Teaching, even in South Africa, is a rewarding career field. Sincerely, South Africa is always in need of great teachers, and by going through an institution like Wits to become a trained one, you can enjoy a great and fulfilling career. You can enjoy job stability, as many schools are usually searching for qualified and enthusiastic teachers. If you are really good with what you do, several schools will want you on their ship, and they won’t want to lose you.

Also, as a teacher in South Africa, you can rightly embrace improving salary and benefits. There was a time when the average teacher in this part of the world was grossly underpaid. However, for good reasons, things are getting much better out there, and many more teachers are receiving good salaries. You can enjoy being paid more as you grow in your skills and expertise.

Additionally, one of the beautiful things about being a teacher in South Africa is that you can get to teach what you love and enjoy. This is the passion factor, which is why many teachers don’t pay much attention to what they are earning. They simply enjoy what they do – teaching and impacting knowledge on their students to build them appropriately. So, still looking beyond what is there for you as salary, you find great satisfaction when you teach what you are really passionate about – which is why you should ensure you go for what you are really and genuinely passionate about.

In addition to all of these, it is thrilling to know that one can keep getting great satisfaction working with kids. It is a big blessing to work with kids and to be part of their lives as a teacher. This is the biggest part of teaching, and it is something you will understand much better only if and when you are directly part of the system. These young chaps are unpredictable and exciting, and it is a beautiful thing to see them looking up to you for many things.

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