How to Delete My Netflix Account 2022


How to Delete My Netflix Account 2022

How to Delete My Netflix Account 2022, After creating their account and logging in, some people have realized that Netflix, the popular video streaming service, is not right for them. Some run into security or billing issues, and others choose to delete their Netflix accounts because they have seen all their desired videos. For a long time, users ran into issues because they could only deactivate an account. Netflix has updated their services so that people can actually delete an account. This article will explain the new method for deleting a Netflix account permanently.

How to Delete My Netflix Account: Step-by-step Instructions

Netflix Account Login
  • Sign in with your usual Netflix password and email address if you are not already logged in.
  • Click on your username, which shows up in the top right corner, to make a drop down menu appear.
  • Choose the “Your Account” option.
  • Click the gray button underneath the “Membership & Billing” section that says “Cancel Membership”.

Delete Netflix Account Step 1
  • Verify that you intend to delete your account by clicking the blue “Finish Cancellation” button.
  • Keep in mind that the above process does not work if you pay for Netflix through iTunes.
  • Open your iTunes program and tap on your Apple ID to delete your iTunes Netflix account.
  • Choose the “Manage” option under the “Subscriptions” section.
  • Select Netflix and then click the “Cancel Subscription” choice.

Delete Netflix Account Step 2
  • Confirm that you want to cancel your subscription.

Once you complete these steps, Netflix will delete your account at the end of the billing period that is listed during cancellation. There is an option to reactivate your account, but Netflix will remove your viewing preferences and other settings after 10 months of inactivity. If you have more questions about what happens after you delete your Netflix account, you may want to check out their help center. There are many useful articles there answering questions about Netflix's cancellations.

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