How to Delete My Shaadi Account 2022


How to Delete My Shaadi Account 2022

How to Delete My Shaadi Account 2022, Shaadi is normally used to find people who are interested in marriage or long term relationships. Sometimes, after they create and login to their Shaadi account, users decide they don’t need it anymore. Whether you have found the perfect partner or decided that Shaadi’s services are not for you, you may end up needing to delete Shaadi. You can follow the steps in this article to delete your Shaadi account without any hassle or stress.

How to Delete My Shaadi Account: Step-by-step Instructions

Enter in your preferred web browser to go to the Shaadi login page.

Login Shaadi Account

Login by typing in your email and password if your account is not currently active.

Click on the “My Profile” link that you will find beneath the “My Shaadi” section on the left side of the page.

Choose the “Hide/Delete Profile” option that will appear in the “Manage your Profile” section.Delete Shaadi Account Step 1

Select the “Delete Profile” choice.Delete Shaadi Account Step 2

Pick a reason why you are deleting your profile. You can delete your profile regardless of your reason. Shaadi is just asking this for research purposes.

Confirm that you are certain you want to delete the profile by clicking "Yes."

To conclude, following these steps will permanently delete the Shaadi account after 30 days. During the waiting period, you can contact the company to reactivate it. After 30 days, your profile will no longer show up on the site, and you will not be able to login to your account anymore. If you are curious about any subjects not covered in this article, the Shaadi Help Section gives more answers about managing your account.

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