How to Login to My iCloud Account 2022


How to Login to My iCloud Account 2022

How to Login to My iCloud Account 2022, This is a guide on how to login to your iCloud account from multiple devices, including devices on Windows and Android. iCloud is Apple’s internet backup service for users of its devices: MacBook, iMac, iPad and iPhone. iCloud stores users' files, including photos, notes, iTunes libraries, contacts, mail, calendar reminders, and documents. Through the iCloud login portal, users can access these files from anywhere over the internet.

iCloud Login Step-by-step Instructions for iMac, MacBook, and PC

You can access iCloud via a web browser on an iMac, MacBook, or PC. Apple's native browser is Safari. However, Apple devices will readily support the major browsers: Firefox, Chrome, and IE.

Open any web browser recommended by Apple for iCloud access. See recommended browsers at

Go to .

Enter your Apple ID and password. You can create one, if you donâ€TMt have one yet, by clicking on the link "Create Yours Now."

If you have set up two-factor authentication, also called two-way verification, the verification page will come up. Click "send code." Your random verification code will be sent to the trusted device you set up (usually your mobile phone). Enter the verification code for access.

Login My iCloud Account

iCloud Login Guidelines for Mobile Access

Accessing your iCloud account from an iPad and iPhone is pretty straightforward as there is an iCloud app. To access iCloud from a Windows mobile device, you use a recommended web browser. For Android devices, you must set up the device to access the iCloud server.

iCloud Login Instructions on iOS

Ensure your Apple device is updated using Home Screen -> Click on Settings -> Software Update.

If setting up a new iCloud account, activate iCloud and follow screen instructions to get your Apple ID.

Use the iCloud app to login by entering your Apple ID and password.

Alternatively, use the web browser to log in (see instructions on web browser login).

Do two-factor verification and access your iCloud account.

iCloud Login Instructions for Android

You have to point your Android device to iCloud servers. Set up your Android device to access the iCloud server using the email app.

Go to the email app.

Tap ‘Add Account’.

Enter your Apple ID and password.

Select IMAP. You will be taken to ‘Server settings’.

Remove ‘’ from your Apple ID.

Set IMAP server to ‘’.

Reset security to SSL/TLS and accept all certificates.

Set port to 993.

On the outgoing server page set ‘’.

Set security settings to STARTTLS.

Set port to 587 and check ‘Require check-in’.

Tap next to complete and access your iCloud account.

NB: If this process is successful, you do not have to do it every time you need to access your iCloud account.

iCloud Login difficulties

If you forget your password, use the link "Forgot Your Password?" You will have to enter your Apple ID for verification, and the password will be sent to your email.

If you forgot your Apple ID, click "Forgot your Apple ID?" and verify your name and email. Your Apple ID will be sent to your email.

iCloud Account Access – Useful Info And Links

Apple's support for users on Apple devices is excellent. However, Apple is a bit reluctant to cross-link to other platforms. If you have difficulties accessing iCloud from an Android device, for example, you have to figure it out on your own with a guide like this one.

iCloud storage of up to 5 GB is free. You will be charged a maximum of $19.99 per month if your storage goes beyond 2 TB. See pricing plans at For more information on your iCloud app, see

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