How to Perform and Score Chip Shots in FIFA 23

Through the use of HyperMotion2 technology, men's and women's FIFA World Cup contests, and cross-play features, this game takes The World's Game to the field. However, you are not restricted to only updating your visuals.

Modern football has changed along with the game in recent years. Numerous shot types, including those used by Messi, Ronaldo, and other players, have been incorporated into the game to ensure that you have the best chance of scoring. There are numerous shots, including low-driven shots, chip shots, and finesse shots.

But this guide will show you how to execute chip shots in FIFA 23. Therefore, if you're interested in learning more, be sure to follow the instructions below properly. Consequently, let's begin the guide.

What do Chip Shots mean?

What do Chip Shots mean?

It's merely another game mechanic that allows us to enhance movement that occurs in real life. The goalkeeper can have trouble understanding this kind of game mechanic.

The goalie has a difficult time catching the chip shot since it includes striking the ball with the bottom of the hand and sending it high into the air. When a keeper is closing in on you and you know a regular shot would bounce back at you, there is no greater shot than a chip shot.

Therefore, it can be a risky decision for them. You must thus follow the instructions below to learn how to do this. Therefore, let's begin the guide.

How to Perform Chip Shots in FIFA 23?

To perform Chip Shots in FIFA 23 is only a matter of practice that we will understand this movement that allows us to score a goal. For this, we must take the controller and perform the following action:

If you are playing on the Xbox, hold down LB and press B.

Meanwhile, if you are playing on PlayStation, hold down L and Circle.

For Switch, hold down L and press A.

It will only be enough to learn the distance from the goalpost to get a better kick by using the joystick to point in the direction we want to shoot. You can aim using the left stick by pointing in the direction in which you want to take your shot.

In order to make a chip shot and get the best kick, you must power up to the maximum and know your distance from the goalpost. This move needs to be practiced during training sessions until it becomes second nature.

Wrap Up

This brings an end to our tutorial on how to execute chip shots in FIFA 23. This manual, we hope, has been beneficial to you. However, if you are still unable to do this, please let us know in the comments section. You can find even more FIFA 23 articles on our website, iTechHacks, so be sure to stop by there as well.. 

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