Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA 2022


Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA 2022

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At the Interstate Intelligence Gathering meeting in 1968, which had representatives from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia, the concept of creating National Identity Cards for Tanzanian citizens and foreigners residing in Tanzania was first proposed. Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDAs were already in use in Kenya and Zambia at that point.

It was decided that in order to strengthen security relations based on the rule of law in the four countries, Uganda and Tanzania must also issue National Identity Cards to their citizens.

For a variety of reasons, the government has made numerous attempts to ensure that all foreigners and Tanzanians are given National Identity Cards, but these efforts have not been successful in producing the long-awaited results. The Identity Act was passed by the government in 1986, although it did not affect its rules.

The Council also resolved that Gotham International Limited's (GIL) feasibility study should serve as the project implementation manual and that GIL should be designated as the project advisor.

In a further step, the government mandated that the Cabinet receive several project implementation reports, including the one from the contractor who won the contract to create the National Identity Card system. NIDA Ya Kupata Namba

Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA

Send a free SMS to "Short Code" 15096 to get the National Identification Number (NIN). This enhanced service is a replacement for the now inactive USSD * 150 * 00. Welcome to use Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA's services.

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