MO Dewji foundation scholarship 2022/2023


The idea for the Mo Dewji Foundation was conceived in 2000, when the CEO of MeTL Group, Mohammed Dewji, driven by passion and ambitions for the society, made great efforts to develop and expand the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and its role in creating positive change.

The Mo Dewji Foundation now conducts all CSR operations of MeTL Group. The Mo Dewji Foundation focuses on improving life conditions in Tanzania in several areas: Promoting education in order to create a pathway for the population, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, to lead to a more productive, equitable and just society.

Strengthening healthcare systems and creating purified drinking water to assist in disease prevention. Supporting community development efforts in order to help build self-sustaining and successful communities throughout Tanzania. Mo Dewji Foundation currently operates several programs and aims to involve itself in new and innovative projects to provide services and support for less fortunate members of the community.

MO Dewji foundation scholarship 2022/2023

MO scholars program 2022, Are you an undergraduate student who has been selected to join NIT, UDSM, UDOM or SUZA? Are you interested in being sponsored by the Mo Scholars Program? The application window will be open from 22 October 2022 to 29 October 2022.

MO Dewji foundation scholarship 2022/2023


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