My ESR NHS Login Online Payslip at


My ESR NHS Login Online Payslip at

My ESR NHS Login Online Payslip at, ESR stands for electronic staff record and it is a payroll software and integrated HR software of NHS organizations. The NHS ESR holds data about 1.4 million staff. This number is about six percent of the United Kingdom’s working population.

My ESR NHS Login Online Payslip at
My ESR NHS Login Online Payslip at

ESR is an advanced tool or software or payroll system which helps the employer store and analyze current and historical information about their workforce. ESR helps you in different ways like it will help you in workforce supply, talent management, retention strategy, and improving efficiency and safety & compliance.

The Online MyESR NHS portal helps NHS employees to easily access their payslips, e-learning, and much more details through ESR ESS portal. You need only an internet connection or a PC or mobile device to access the online web portal.

From the ESR portal, you can access Payslips/P60, Personal information, Total reward statement (TRS), E-learning courses, and Training compliance matrix and can update your address/contact details. NHS staff can get complete salary details in the payslips. You can obtain the payslip for any month because the ESR maintains the salary statement for each month.

How To Access Employee Self Service (ESS)

To access the Employee self-service account you need a email account. All the employees who do not have a email account then contact your IT department to request an email account.

ESS portal can be accessed using your smartcard (if you already use it to access ESR) or via your username and password. You can also get the My ESR app on your mobile phone or tablet to access the ESS portal.

  • Accessing ESS Using a Username and Password
  • Accessing ESS Using a Smartcard
  • Accessing ESS on Using Mobile App
  • Complete Guide Click Here

My ESR NHS Login at

The employees of My ESR NHS can check their online payslips from the ESS portal. The Electronic Staff Record (ESR) generates the ESR NHS payslips online. Furthermore, ESR password recovery can be made through the myESR NHS payslips portal.

To maintain a proper record of a large number of NHS staff, ESR opted for an effective verification method. Such a method was to identify visitors based on their login credentials.

Thus, every staff member must log in. Hence, those who fail to log in cannot get access to their payslips account. For NHS staff to log in there are a few things that you need to remember. First and foremost, make sure to enter the correct login credentials every time you log in. Secondly, you must know how to complete your ESR NHS login.

Well if you do not know the process then just take a look at the following steps.

STEP 1. Visit the official ESR NHS payslip portal, here is the URL

STEP 2. The above link directs you to the official login portal. On the login page enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

STEP 3. After this click on the login option.

STEP 4. Once the portal verifies your details it will then grant you access to your personal ESR NHS payslips account.

My ESR NHS Login

Visit Here

Official Website

NHS Payslip Online Login Steps

The NHS online payslip distribution service is very fast and secure and produces accurate official data in front of your system screen. An NHS payroll portal was launched especially for its employees, to check their monthly salary receipt electronically.

Employee payslip is available for each month via the ESR employee self-service portal. All the historic payslips and P60 are available for the employee for the duration of your employment with the trust. Board recommends you save your payslip each month because once you left the trust then you will not be able to access the ESS portal.

You can view your payslip via the ESR app on the internet, My ESR internet link or website, and My ESR app from a mobile or tablet device. Here are the steps to view your payslip via the MY ESR NHS website.

1. Simply visit the NHS electronic staff record that is

2. On the login page enter your username and password.

3. After this click on the login button.

4. If you entered accurate login credentials then you will be redirected to your profile.

5. From the portal page click on “view my payslip” to check and print.


NHS ESR Login Password Recovery Steps

NHS staff can get a new password in case they are unable to remember their current password. The ESR password recovery is an easy and simple online process. All you need to know is the correct steps.

However, other than the procedure you must also be able to provide the necessary steps. For the recovery of your password your email address, date of birth, the username is required.

NOTE: You can enter your email id and date of birth OR you can just opt to enter your username.

STEP 1. Visit the official portal here’s the URL

STEP 2. When the portal appears on your screen click on Forgotten / Request Username/Password/ Unlock Account.

STEP 3. On the next page you can enter your email address, select your date of birth OR you can just enter your username.

STEP 4. Then you have to click SUBMIT.

STEP 5. Finally, you will receive a recovery email with a link from ESR. Then you have to select the link mentioned below RESET YOUR PASSWORD.

STEP 6. Once you click on that link it takes you to a new page. Here you can create a new password and then click CONFIRM PASSWORD to complete the process.

My ESR Login Username Recovery Steps

Well in case you forgot your username, you can resolve this matter within minutes. So, to get your username you can follow the instructions given above for password recovery. However, below we have written the complete process with short and sweet steps.

STEP 1. Go to the login portal (

STEP 2. At the login page select Forgotten/Recover Username/ Password/ Unlock Account.

STEP 3. On the next page enter your email address and your date of birth.

STEP 4. To proceed to click on the SUBMIT button.

STEP 5. You will receive an email. Once you receive the email, open it to check your USERNAME.

NHS ESR Sign Up App

There is a mobile application that can help NHS staff to view their payslips on their mobile. This mobile app is available for iOS and Android-powered mobile. So, if you want to use this application then you first need to get it on your mobile.

Hence, go to your respective application provider, for instance, Google Play, there on the search bar type ESR NHS payslip app and then search. When you get the app, click INSTALL.

Once the installation is complete open the app and enter your credentials to log in to your payslip account.


The ESR is an online payroll database system developed by Oracle. Currently, about 586 units of the National Health Services or NHS use this payroll database system. In England and Wales combined the ESR maintains the payroll details of more than 1.2 Million NHS staff members. The application for Electronic Staff Record is managed by IBM.

Although the implementation of ESR took place in 2006. but it was in 2008 when ESR was fully functional. It is also considered to be one of the largest I.T implementations in the world. The ESR replaced about 29 payroll systems along with 38 human resources systems.

The NHS is also known to be the 5th largest employer in the world. Hence, maintaining the payroll record of NHS staff employees is a challenge. Nevertheless, ESR has been effective, handling the payroll database and providing NHS staff access to their payslip account when required.

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