Names of Loan Recipients from the 2022–2023 HESLB Majina waliopata

The Higher Education Students' Loans Board (HESLB) was established by the HESLB Act (CAP 178) and went into effect in July 2005. Among other things, HESLB is required to offer grants and/or loans to deserving and financially disadvantaged students.

Names of Loan Recipients from the 2022–2023 HESLB in Majina waliopata

Publication of Successful Loan Applicants by the HESLB

Following Batch Approval, the Student's Individual Permanent Account (SIPA) used to submit the application on the HESLB Online Loan Application System will publish a list of successful loan applicants and their associated allocations (OLAMS).

Majina waliopata Mkopo HESLB

Download PDF: Batches 2022/2023 HESLB Initial Group 2022–2023 Mikopo Majina Waliopata

Examine your current circumstances. YOUR HESLB LOAN'S STATUS IN 2022/2023

HESLB Names with Errors for 2022 and 2023 (Majina ya Waliokosea)


  1. Loan Application Status 2022/2023, CLICK HERE
  2. To access Loan Status, click here.

For those who until now they haven’t received any Loan they have to wait until 21 November 2022

For Those Who Received Loan this is the Example of the message that will appear.

Visit for further details.

When will the names of those who got the loan come out

The names of those who got the loan are expected to come out before October 24, 2022 IN all Batches

When will HESLB send student money to Colleges?

The needy students who have been assigned loans for the academic year 2022–2023 are being announced by the Higher Education Student Loans Board (HESLB) as of today, Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

Students get information through SIPA

According to HESLB Executive Director Abdul-Razaq Badru, all students who applied for loans for the academic year 2022–2023 can access complete information through the "SIPA" accounts—Students' Individual Permanent Accounts—they used to do so.

Today, we began providing "updates" to all groups, including those issued loans on which we are still working and those who must make changes. You don't need to visit our office because everyone receives their information on the same account they used to apply for a loan, explained Badru.

The HESLB has begun processing payments for new and continuing students who are loan recipients, according to Badru, and the goal is to make sure that money gets to the universities on time.

Funds have been received, to begin reaching students in colleges this week

According to Badru, "this year, like in years past, the money needed for the students' needs for the first semester has been received,... we are finishing the preparation of the payment for the first semester, and the money will start reaching the students in the colleges by the end of this week."

Call: Colleges to submit exam results

Regarding the obligation of the colleges, Badru has reminded them to submit the beneficiary students' test results so that HESLB can promptly prepare payments. These beneficiaries are students who are continuing their education.

"There are a small number of universities, like 11, that have not yet submitted the results. We have reminded them and we insist that they submit the results as soon as possible so that we can finish paying the successful students so they can continue their studies," said Badru.

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Dar es Salaam, Wednesday, October 19, 2022


One of the major responsibilities in managing loans for students pursuing higher education is carried out by HESLB. The Board creates the Loan Application Almanac each year to serve as a reference for the loan-issuing procedure for deserving and needy students. The Loan Application Window opens once a year, according to the almanac. Those who qualify, including undergraduate and graduate students, are asked to apply.

The Loan Application Guideline for the applicable year, which is available for download on this website, contains the eligibility requirements and application procedures. Prospective applicants are urged to carefully read the instructions, get the necessary materials ready, and submit their applications online through the Online Application and Management System (OLAMS). The steps involved in applying for a loan are listed below:

Prospective Students:

  • To read and understand the Loan Application Guideline for the respective year
  • To prepare all the attachments to support their applications (birth certificates, academic certificates, national IDs etc)
  • To ensure all documents are certified by relevant authorities
  • To complete and submit their applications online through OLAMS and a copy by EMS
  • To visit this website for updates on their application

Student beneficiaries:

  • To submit necessary information to Loan Officer (Registration number and bank details)
  • To sign payments sent to his / her college within the stipulated time
  • To inform the Loan Officer in advance, if there is any problem related to their loans
  • To visit HESLB website for more information on Higher Education Loans


  • To attest on correctness and authenticity of the applicant’s information
  • To remind the applicant on their responsibilities

Mwongozo Utoaji Mikopo – loan lending guide

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