OTS Tin Number Online Registration 2022 | TRA Online Tin Registration Portal

OTS Tin Number Online Registration 2022 | TRA Online Tin Registration Portal

OTS Tin Number Online Registration | TRA Online Tin Registration Portal. Get all information about TRA TIN Online Registration, TRA jinsi ya kupata tin number online application | TRA Online TIN Service (OTS).

To help you obtain the information you require, this guide offers pertinent information on TRA TIN Online Registration. Save time and learn more about TRA TIN Online Registration at darportal.com.

Tin Number Online Registration

The Act of Parliament No. 11 of 1995 created the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), which began operations on July 1st, 1996. TRA is bound by law in performing its statutory duties, and it is in charge of fairly administering various Central Government taxes.


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For more information Visit https://www.tra.go.tz/

Tin Number Online Registration Procedures


Step 1: Open Online TIN Service on the TRA website (www.tra.go.tz) using your computer or smartphone. You may also go directly to tra.go.tz and click the register icon.

Step 2: Correctly enter your National ID (Namba ya Nida) and Mobile Number and then click the Next button

Step 3: Once you click the next button, the system will send an OTP to the phone number you provided. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) and click Next

Note: The system will finish the authentication using randomly generated security questions relating to the information provided during National ID registration if the mobile phone number you gave is incorrect or not entered. In that case, you must accurately complete Enter Security Answers before clicking Next.

Step 4: Select the Options for communicating login credentials (Email and Phone) and enter Email/Mobile Phone, and Click Submit

Step 5: Once you complete step 4, you will be asked to change your login details. To do this, enter the received login credentials and the new password, and then click Change password

Step 6: Now you can click Ok and then enter your login details to log in to your Online Tin Registration account.


To apply for tin you must first log in to your Online TIN Services account. Go to – ots.tra.go.tz/Login

Once logged in select APPLY FOR PIN on the right side of the Online TIN Services account dashboard as shown below

Select the type of TIN you wish to apply (Non-Business TIN or Business TIN ) and then click on APPLY.

Thereafter, a registration form will appear from which you must fill the form correctly and click Submit when you complete

To check your application status Click on the TIN Status option

If a person has a National Identity Number (NIN), they can submit an application online by going to the TRA website, www.tra.go.tz, selecting Online TIN Registration, and then following the on-screen instructions. To obtain a TIN Certificate, a provisional tax assessment, and a Tax Clearance, the applicant for an online business TIN must physically visit a nearby TRA office (with a lease agreement or title deed and an introduction letter from the local authority).

OTS Tin Number Online Registration | TRA Online Tin Registration Portal, OTS Tin Number Online Registration | TRA Online Tin Registration Portal