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Perkbox Login UK Online Sign In at

Perkbox Login UK Online Sign In at, For those who are not familiar with Perkbox UK or the Perkbox login UK portal then it is an online cloud-based employee benefit management platform. Here information has been provided to help you understand the basics with respect to the Perkbox sign-in UK portal.

As per the information that is available and with reference to the services provided by the Perkbox UK, it is an online employee benefit and rewards platform. This platform provides facilities that enable employees to access a number of Perkbox rewards, perks, deals, and discounts, among other benefits.

As a global employee benefits and rewards platform, Perkbox UK is associated with a number of companies. Through the Perkbox employee platform, any employee can access their personal benefits, perks, deals, and discounts, along with personalized account management facilities.

About Perkbox UK

Perkbox UK is a private British company that specializes in employee benefits management. The company was founded by Chieu Cao and Saurav Chopra on August 24th, 2010. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Other than in the United Kingdom, the company also serves companies located in France and Australia.

As an employee benefits management company, the products of Perkbox UK include a customized management platform, perks, accessibility, culture, and employee wellness support services. This platform is trusted by more than 4,500 businesses such as Bosch, Muji, CBRE, Optiver, and more.

Perkbox UK is trusted by a number of companies across its area of operation. And the employees of these companies are provided with more than 4,000 benefits, perks, accords, discounts, and rewards. It is one of the leading business-to-business service providers that employ 100-150 employees.

Perkbox Login Process Online Guide

Knowing the correct login process is key to enjoying the services and benefits of Perkbox UK employee benefits management services. In other words, to access your personal employee benefits, perks, deals, and discounts, or rather your account in general, a Perkbox login is compulsory.

Now, as per the official regulations, the employees can log in only when they follow the official login guidelines. Furthermore, the employee also needs to provide their personal employee credentials such as company domain, and password, as per the login process consists of the following.

STEP 1. Visit the official Perkbox UK login page at

STEP 2. On the homepage click on the login option.

STEP 3. You are then redirected to the Perkbox employee platform.

STEP 4. Here enter the Company Domain.

Perkbox Login

STEP 5. You can then click on Continue.

Perkbox Log In

Visit Here

Perkbox Sign In Portal

Find Perkbox UK Employee Platform Company Domain

If you do not have the official company domain which is a mandatory requirement for Perkbox login, then you can find it online. In fact, you can search for your company domain through the official Perkbox employee platform or website.

The Perkbox UK site does provide the facility necessary to find the company domain, however, concerned employees have their own responsibility. Firstly, to find your company domain you will need your email address and then you can.

  • Go to the Perkbox Sign In portal.
  • Click on the login option at the homepage.
  • Then on the Perkbox Login page click on Find your Domain.
  • You are then redirected to a new page.
  • Here enter your Email Address.
  • Then tap on Send Domain Reminder Email.
  • Your domain will be sent to your email address.

Perkbox Sign In Platform Benefits

The entire operation of Perkbox UK is web-based hence as a result the official Perkbox employee platform ( is extremely important. So, as the most crucial part of its operation, the Perkbox Login platform has its own benefits for all registered users.

These benefits can be availed with the help of the facilities that can be accessed only when an employee has successfully logged in. You can learn about the login process in the next section, here you can learn about the Perkbox employee platform benefits;

  • Perkbox employee platform is an online site, so employees can visit the site 24/7.
  • Only authorized employees will be granted access to exclusive information.
  • Provides a secure connection for Perkbox Login.
  • Employees can access their personal benefits, rewards, deal, and discount details.
  • It also provides a facility to find Company Domain.

Perkbox UK Company Employee Benefits

Perkbox UK employee benefits include more than 4,000 perks and discount benefits. Furthermore, these benefits are provided anywhere in the world. The primary intention behind such facilities is to keep employees motivated and inspire them.

Perkbox employee benefits management as mentioned also provides necessary facilities for customized management and personalized account service to suit the preferences of the employees. Any company associated with Perkbox UK offers employees the following benefits and perks.

  • Confidential and employee assistance Programme.
  • Insurance covers health, medical, dental care, etc.
  • Annual vacation allowances and additional extension holiday facility.
  • Employee overall wellness support services.
  • Freedom to choose perks of their preference.
  • Access to customized lifestyle needs.
  • Deals and discount benefits across different brands.
  • Workplace benefits such as company cars, lunch vouchers, flexible working, etc.
  • Social benefits, investment benefits.
  • Old age benefits, pension, retirement benefits.

Perkbox Employee Benefits Platform Help Center

If any employee encounters any kind of problem related to Perkbox login UK, Perkbox employee benefits, perks, rewards, or discounts, then the option to contact the help desk will be open. Anyone can get in touch with the Perkbox support desk for personal assistance or those who seek clarity.

Contacting the support center is not a difficult task except when the individual does not have the official contact details. Hence, if you do not have the contact number of the helpdesk then you can note the number given below.

Perkbox UK Help Desk Contact Number: 0208396812


How do I request a Perkbox demo?

Those who are interested in Perkbox employee benefits management services can request a demo, and come to a decision. You can submit your demo request at the Perkbox employee platform. And if you need assistance then the following instruction should be helpful.

  • Go to the Perkbox UK website.
  • On the homepage click on Request Demo.
  • You then have to fill up a form with appropriate details.
  • So, enter your name, company name, phone number, etc.
  • Click on Show Me How It Works.
  • You will then receive the demo and the necessary instructions.

Perkbox App Download Guide

To experience the business-to-business services of Perkbox employee benefits management on your mobile download the Perkbox app. Downloading the app may take time but it is fairly easy to download, all you need to do is;

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Search Perkbox App.
  • When you find the app click on the Install option.
  • Open the app once it has been installed.
  • Enter your Company Domain
  • Click on Continue to log in.
  • You can then check your Perkbox discount list, rewards, and more.


The information that will be necessary for employees to understand the Perkbox employee benefits management services has been provided in this article. Such information can also assist the employees with their Perkbox Login, Perkbox demo requests, and more. Additional information will be provided for those who can leave their queries in the comment box below.

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