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LiWelcome to the SESIS login guide! SESIS, (Special Education Student Information System) is a secure, web system for students with special needs. It was created to track whether the services of Individualized Education Programs are being received by the special-needs students.

The Department of Education implemented the SESIS or Special Education Student Information System in 2011 to rectify the inability of the Child Assistance Program (CAP) to track and document the actual delivery of services. This article will guide you through the process of logging into SESIS web portal via a computer or mobile device.

SESIS Login Process Via Computer

Users can follow these steps to login from their computers:

  • Open the internet browser on your computer and visit the SESIS login portal (or
  • Find the SESIS login section in the page that appears on the screen.
  • There are three empty fields on the login form (i.e. School/District ID, User ID, and Password).
  • Enter your School/District ID in the first field.
  • Type your SESIS user ID in the field marked “central\user ID.” G.: central/leap7.
  • Type in your SESIS password in the Password field. Note: The password is case sensitive.
  • Finally, click the button marked “Sign In” to access SESIS.


SESIS Mobile Login Process

Users, trying to login from their mobile devices, follow these steps:

  • Open the internet browser on your mobile device and visit
  • On the SESIS homepage, find the login form.
  • Enter your SESIS user ID in the field labeled “central\user ID.” G.: central/leap7.
  • Enter your password into the password box.
  • Click the “Sign In” button to get to your SESIS account.

Note: The SESIS app is currently not available in the Apple App Store. You can keep checking for updates for availability of NYC Schools mobile apps in the Apple App store.

SESIS Login Issues /Troubleshoots

Users with a lost password will not be able to sign into their accounts. If you have forgotten your password, use the SESIS password reset tool to recover your password.

Go to the SESIS homepage, and click the link marked “To reset your password click here.” It is right below the “Sign In” button.

sesis user login

You will see the Password & Profile Management page on your screen, with a sign in form with two blank fields; User ID and Password.

Enter your User ID in the first text field and keep the Password field

Click or tap the Forgot Password link just below the Sign In

sesis nyc doe login

If you are not an employee, use this password reset page to change your SESIS user login password.

Confirm that the information displayed on the next page matches your DOE account details.

If the information is correct, hit the link “Click here.”

You will then receive a password reset link via email from SESIS.

If you need any further help during the SESIS login process, you can ask for help at 718-935-5100 and speak with a customer care representative.

SESIS Help Desk: 718-935-2985

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